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Anonymous asked: How will you expand Phoebe's powers? She's the only sister for some reason to always have the most limits to her powers.

  • Pat Shand: I feel like a good majority of the questions that I get here are about powers and kids. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I have no interest in expanding any of the sister’s power sets or expanding their families. Their powers are huge and have increased, changed, evolved, etc. every season. It’s getting to be too much and there is no drama when writing a story about three all-powerful witches. The drama and the humanity is that their powers are limited, and can function as metaphors for who they are as people. Their strengths need weaknesses. Thus, I want to explore their powers and watch them learn new ways to utilize their already existing powers rather than expand, expand, expand until they’re gods. X

Anonymous asked: Will we see them individually or collectively bonding with Prue? For a sister they've mourned for years, we didn't really see any bonding moments from them.

  • Pat Shand: The lack of bonding moments between the sisters and Prue is a vital plot point of the majority of (if not the entire) season. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Im from Chile, I have some questions to you about Charmed :) - Can be Prue visited in the nexus by her sisters? any chance she use their astral projection to visit the manor? I really enjoy the storylines where Prue live a new life in the real word because in the series (first three seasons) she really wanted be a great witch but live a life too. Thaks for your time! (sorry for my english) :)

  • Pat Shand: Hey, Charmed fan from Chile! Your English is perfectly understandable. I can’t really answer your questions, though, except that they are central aspects of Prue’s character arc. Answers to those questions will be explored throughout the whole season and will have ramifications on all of the leads. X




Cole is the most fun to write when he's being a complete dick. X

oh no... ha ha

Not to Phoebe!


As character-driven as is going to be, this is the most heavily I've ever plotted something. X

Sometimes, Robyn Hood is damn near freestyle because of its strong emphasis on character and dialogue. X

And the plots for Grimm Fairy Tales are more straight forward to accommodate the huge cast and concentration on visuals. X

But with Charmed, each page is doing something very, very specific. Scripting Charmed is akin to putting together a puzzle. X

Piece by piece, sometimes out of traditional order. X


Preview Panels - Piper & Paige

Pat posted a new preview of 2 panels featuring Piper and Paige kicking some Underworld ass.

Pat Shand:

  • Ka-pow!
  • Off to finish writing Charmed: Season Ten #3… X

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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I'm so exited for Charmed Season 10!! And I have lot of questions.. Just like: will we learn more about Cole's family? Will see more of Tyler? Penny and Patty know about Prue's new life?

  • Pat Shand: Let's see. Yes, probs, yes. X

Anonymous asked: Which is your favorite Charmed power?

  • Pat Shand: Before I began scripting, I would’ve said Piper’s molecular immobilization/combustion… or maybe even a demonic fireball. However, after writing #1, the answer is and always will be orbing. Orbing is the coolest. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, how does Charmed cupids know so much about people they have just met, are they both empathic and telepathic or does the ring act as a informational source?

  • Pat Shand: I think that’s a great question, but I’m not gonna answer it or general mythology questions like that. There have already been occasions where a pre-existing but unexplained part of the mythology has helped when I thought up a use for it, so I’ll keep this one nice and open! X

Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, is it in your plans to use Charon the soul collector? she sounds so promising that it's a shame the writers never used her for a bigger story arc :(

  • Pat Shand: Nah, that’s dipping a bit beyond the confines of relevance, I think. There are far too many other characters I want to include that I think are more interesting. X

Anonymous asked: Hi, I've a little question about charmed season 10: are we get to know something more Phoebe's third child? ps, sorry for my english but i'm a belgian fan :)

  • Pat Shand: Nope, not in the plan. X

Anonymous asked: Totally hypothetical... if you were to write a story about one of the Halliwell's relatives/ancestors: Patty, Grams, Melinda etc. Who's story would you be most interested in delving into?

  • Pat Shand: Hm… I think Grams is probably one of the most unexplored characters. I say that because she’s often mean, almost to the point of being cruel, and that’s never really addressed, much less delved into. There have been many, many times where I’ve questioned her motives. X



What, no, writing the end of Charmed #3 made YOU cry. X

are we to prepare for incoming feels?

Not in the way I think anyone is expecting -- LEAST OF ALL ME -- but mabes.


I was wondering ...Will Patience look the same as we left her in S9? X No. She'll have different tattoos on her arm.


Tumblr/Twitter answers #3 & new ad


Anonymous asked: Hi pat! can we hope for Billie to return? Sha has redeem herself and her friendship with the sisters was a good thing in my opinion. Sure the character was not always good written but she was still cool and interesting. It's sad that her bond with the sisters was not included in season 9, except for one panel, especially when we know that in the future she'll be "part" of the family.

  • Pat Shand: No Billie this season, unless my plan drastically changes. X

Anonymous asked: hello Pat, I saw your post on twitter about people who discriminate others, and i was wondering if you would consider including one day a gay character in the Charmed universe?

  • Pat Shand: There are already plans. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Elisa. Which issue of Charmed are you working on now? Can you share the pencils of the charmed 1 preview that has been shown? The likeness of the characters look very good!

  • Elisa Feliz: Thank you! I just started drawing Issue 2 from season 10. I can’t post any pencils myself yet, but once I can show some stuff I’ll post it on my fb page so you can see it. X

Anonymous asked: Which Halliwell sister is the hardest to draw and which is the easiest in your opinion?

  • Elisa Feliz: Well, for me the hardest one has been Phoebe with the long hair look. And the easiest likeness has been Paige’s. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I'm so exited for Charmed Season 10!! And I have lot of questions.. Just like: will we learn more about Cole's family? Will see more of Tyler? Penny and Patty know about Prue's new life?

  • Pat Shand: Let's see. Yes, probs, yes. X



Pat Shand: The cover for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #3 is one of my favorite covers for anything I've written, ever. is bringing the A-game. X

David Seidman: Thanks! It's honestly one of my favorites as well. Can't wait to show it off. X

: Oooh I wonder which character(s) will be on it :) X

Pat Shand: Paige! X


Below is a new Season 10 ad found in Grimm Fairy Tales #101 by StoryGirl83

Release Date: Charmed Season 10 #2 

This month's PREVIEWS order form is out. The release date of Season 10 #2 is:

  • 11/5/2014

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Charmed S10 #2 HQ Cover


Low level demons have never been a threat to the Charmed Ones... until now. When Fritz and Valen, a pair of demons that has been secretly observing the sisters, get their hands on a weapon capable of destroying souls, the Halliwells will face their most dangerous foes yet.

Also leprechauns!

Pat Shand:

  • CHARMED: SEASON TEN #2 is out in November 2014 and will be available for pre-order in two weeks.