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mina-grayson asked: Hi I really appreciate you beeing involved in Charmed, the pictures you posted are really gorgeus :) I also wanted to ask you some questions, will there finally be an explanation to how Prue died? As an extra or something and will they interact more with other ancestors of their family line? I would also love it if the story of Charlotte and the others would be explored a little more. I thank you before hand.

  • Pat Shand: Hey Mina! I don’t know if it would be the best for me to dip back into events that happened so long ago, but I totally realize that these are things fans want to know. I’ll do my best and, if an organic moment came up, it’s something I would considering integrating. Trust me, the transition between the third and fourth seasons was jarring for me too! X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. I have a question about Charmed: Season 10. How many pages will be in each issue? Will we have any extras pages or they will be 22 like in Season 9? I mean "story" pages.

  • Pat Shand: Each issue will have twenty-two pages of content. X

Pat Shand: The solicit for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #3- The Perks of Being a Whitelighter. This cover, painted by David Seidman, is easily among my favorite of my career. X


Anonymous asked: Have any of the cast members (Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, and RoseMcGowan) reach out to you about the comics?

  • Pat Shand: They have not. I’d LOSE it if that happened! X

Anonymous asked: Do you have a favorite/least favorite Charmed sister?

  • Pat Shand: Honestly no… but even if I did, I would never say. X

Anonymous asked: Which was your favorite season of Charmed and which one would the comics closely resemble style wise like season three was considered the darkest, season five the lightest, and season eight the lamest(IMO)?

  • Pat Shand: Well, mine’s definitely going to be the lamest, obviously.
  • I’d consider it closest in tone to seasons three and four, easily. The presence of Cole, the inclusion of both Prue and Paige, the darkness of the storytelling… all very reminiscent of those seasons, which are my favorite. X

Anonymous asked: If you could have any of the sisters powers whose would it be?

  • Pat Shand: Paige’s. I’d save a hell of a lot of gas money.
  • Damn, personal gain! X

Anonymous asked: Which Charmed One do you think is more powerful?

  • Pat Shand: Their powers balance each other out, which is the beauty of how the Power of Three works. X

Anonymous asked: What's your favorite Charmed season premiere and season finale? Not including season 9, because we know those rocked ;)

  • Pat Shand: Charmed Again and It’s a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World. X

Pat Shand: It’s coming…



David Seidman: In case you haven't heard, Charmed is back for another season and features covers by yours truly. Issue #1 should be available soon from @Zenescope Entertainment.

Zenescope: Don't forget to stop by your local comic book shop and start your subscription to Charmed Season 10, out soon! To find a comic shop near you, use the link below:



Pat Shand: Sometimes, you need long-winded, evocative, in-depth panel description. Other times: "Panel 3. Cole broods in the living room." X
I'm so happy to be writing Piper and Leo as a happily married couple. X
Piper/Leo = beautiful. X

I really hope Cole has some panels w/ Phoebe.

Pat Shand: Thank you, past self, for writing a good portion of Charmed #4 when you should've been focusing on other books. It helps a LOT today! X

Paul Ruditis: Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but that kid ... wow, can he WRITE. Whew. X
Ralph Tedesco: Charmed Season 10 is back with us this October! Hits shelves 10/8! X

Pat Shand: Currently proofing CHARMED: SEASON TEN #1 for print. X
From CHARMED #1: "Uh... guys? I think the Canadians are here."
Pat Shand: Nearing the end of the scripting phase of CHARMED #5. There's virtually *nothing* I can share about this one without massive spoilers. X