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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, any chance of seeing Phoebe have a astral premonition in the comics. Thanks

  • Pat Shand: Yes. X

Anonymous asked: When Prue was meditating in issue 1 and checking on the astral plane, was she astral projecting there? Or could she just see the astral plane with some sort of magic sight?

  • Pat Shand: I’ll leave that to the readers. X

youcancallmeallison asked: About Charmed, do you write the comics just by your imagination?Have you been in any part of the shooting of the series or the book? :))

  • Pat Shand: Hey Allison! The story of Charmed: Season Ten is fully conceived by me, yes. I, however, have been lucky enough to agree fully with the editorial notes given by Paul Ruditis and CBS. Paul’s insight, as someone who has written a bunch of Charmed before, is invaluable.This is my first time writing Charmed, though. A reviewer wrote that I am a well-known writer from the show, and that confused people because it isn’t true. I was in high school when the show was airing. X

Anonymous asked: oh! and just one more thing, i saw issue 2 cover and Andrew O'Brian is featured! Personally i love the leprechauns on Charmed, and he was really fun in season 8 so thanks for using him (except if you kill him!) especially since he'll always be the mysterious Man from another place for me ;)

  • Pat Shand: I also love the leprechauns, and I think the hate in the fandom for them is crazypants. X

Anonymous asked: hi Pat! So how are you feeling now that the first issue of charmed is out? i just wanted to tell you that i loved the story (except that you didn't dig too much the old ones thing but i guess sure you'll probably expand this point later so...) it was nice that you included this Billie "cameo" bacause even if you don't use her, at least we know that she's concerned for the sisters, and since i appreciate her, i think it's cool. And just 1 question, how would you describe Prue/Cole's Relationship?

  • Pat Shand: Thanks for the love. I’m feeling really good now that the first issue is out and people are enjoying it. As far as Prue/Cole, there’s not much I can say on that. There has been a lot of debate about what the scene between those two means for them, and that — among other things, especially the sisters isolating themselves from Prue — was my intention. It’ll be a mystery… until it’s not. X

Anonymous asked: Hello Pat, i really really love Henry and Coop, i think they're perfect match for both Paige and Phoebe, and I wanted to know if this season we're gonna learn a lot more about them, about their past, cause i think that it's pretty unfair that Leo had a backstory much more developed (even if it's normal because of his early introduction and i'm really happy about that!), or you're going to concentrate yourself especially on the sisters, cole and leo? thanks!

  • Pat Shand: The second arc in particular focuses on Henry and Coop. Thanks for reading! X



Is season 10 the last season? I hope not! CBS should allow Zenescope to make many more seasons. :D

  • Pat Shand: If there is an eleventh season, I won't be involved in any way. 24 issues is a huge commitment, so I'm treating this like my only Charmed story. It will, in my eyes, give the characters an ending I think they deserve. However, that doesn't mean someone else won't write more comics or more anything. Who knows! X

Is Murray the name of Christopher Wyatt's father (and thus he would have been Murray Wyatt) or Mrs. Wyatt's father (Murray unknown or unknown Murray)? Or do you know the answer to that question?

  • Pat Shand: There isn't really an existing canon as far as that goes, so it's not really a case of "knowing the answer," but rather "what I make up as writer *is* the answer." I don't think I should answer now though, in case I ever have an idea for a story that involves Leo's past. For now, it's just a wee character joke. X X X

Fair enough. I'm all about learning about characters' pasts, so I hope that such a storyline does come up eventually. I'd love for you to do "Tales of Charmed" in the vein of "Tales of Wonderland," "Tales of Neverland," and "Tales of Oz."

  • Pat Shand: I think it would be cool, but unfortunately it's not in the cards. X



Zenescope: PREVIEWSworld sat down with us at the Zenscope Booth at New York Comic Con to talk about #RobynHood #Charmed and more! X




Pat Shand: Real quickly, I spoke too soon about #5 being the most Cole-centric story. I've spread that all out over the first arc instead of putting it all in #5. Something happens in #5 that made that change necessary, because focusing so much on Cole would've been... inappropriate, considering? You'll see. X

Pat Shand: The fifth cover will feature the Charmed Ones together. I do eventually want a Cole cover and a Prue cover, though. X

Pat Shand: Oh, I talk too much! I'm not doing that story (The Reason) anymore, I spoke too soon. Things got a little shaken up. X

Previewsworld: Start Reading Zenescope Comics: Interview with Ralph Tedesco X

Elisa Feliz: A page from "Charmed" season 10, issue 01. Published by Zenescope Entertainment. Based on the tv show by CBS. X X