Preview - Charmed #2

Zenescope posted previews for their November 5th comics. (link)

  • Charmed Season 10 #2
    Magically Malicious
    Low-level demons have never been a threat to the Charmed Ones… until now. When Fritz and Valen, a pair of demons that have been secretly observing the sisters, get their hands on a weapon capable of destroying souls, the Halliwells will face their most dangerous foes yet. Also, Leprechauns!
  • Written by Pat Shand
    Artwork by Elisa Feliz
    Colors by Valentina Cuomo
    Letters by Jim Campbell
    Edited by Paul Ruditis

Below are pages 6,7,8 & 9.

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  • #1

    chloefan03 (Saturday, 01 November 2014 00:05)

    wow, i love the artwork, i love the return of Andrew O'brian, but i'm sooo sad for Prue! i'm sure Pat will give her the happy ending she deserves so much but it seems that the road will be pretty hard and at times heartbreaking, but without drama there wouldn't be any story i guess :)

  • #2

    jluengo26 (Saturday, 01 November 2014 02:45)

    Im so sad for Prue too! but i miss that angry Prue ;)

  • #3

    Leslie (Saturday, 01 November 2014 03:25)

    I feel sorry for Prue too, I hope she gets some happiness too. I hope her sisters come visit her sometime soon.

  • #4

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 01 November 2014 05:36)

    Prue is getting frustrated that she can never leave the nexus but knowing her, i'm sure she'll be doing something that might completely change all that! You guys have to remember prue is the most prideful out of her sisters and one of the most dedicated. I see things changing soon.

  • #5

    mia (Saturday, 01 November 2014 08:24)

    I agree, i think prue's astro projection power will play a role allowing her to be in two places and still stay at the nexas.

  • #6

    p3nathan (Saturday, 01 November 2014 12:57)

    Her frustration is understandable. Her duties now are even more restricting than they were when she was a Charmed One. Seeing all her family living with their loves and their careers, with their children... can't be easy.

    I wonder if perhaps she'll get to a point where she's needs to go outside just for a second to keep herself sane, and in that second something bad happens.

  • #7

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 01 November 2014 13:58)

    I'm w/ @mia on this, with the power of projection prue should be powerful enough to astral clone herself... pat did say that we can expect to see bad ass prue so i'm looking forward to seeing that side of her. It's what i love about her most.

  • #8

    RoyalCharmed (Saturday, 01 November 2014 14:56)

    I agree with the above, I do think her power of projection will play a part in her allowing to leave.

    I cant wait for bad ass Prue again.

  • #9

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 01 November 2014 15:58)

    It still looks like cole is up to no good... cole always could be swayed to the otherside. And his history w/ prue, he was gunning to have her killed since season 3 and it seem like he maybe reverting to his old ways... i hope this is not the case..

  • #10

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 01 November 2014 16:02)

    Also, prue is really pissed. Lol. That's how i remember her and that's the emotion that triggered her powers. I believe her part in coming to earth have something to do with the motivation of fritz and valen wanting to destroy them all for good.

  • #11

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 01 November 2014 16:08)

    Omg!!!... i just noticed something.

  • #12

    pruesthebest (Saturday, 01 November 2014 16:10)

    Do anyone else notice prue using telekinesis and projection? Wow!!! I'm in love.

  • #13

    Julie (Saturday, 01 November 2014 16:47)

    I don't blame Prue for being frustrated and stuck in the All and can't leave . If we all know Prue she'll figure out a way to be in two places at once or something. @Pruetheebest well anyone can be swayed to evil not just Cole. Does Cole have an ulterior motive maybe,maybe not who knows. I think maybe he's just trying to help Prue out.

  • #14

    p3nathan (Saturday, 01 November 2014 18:54)

    Yeah, I think it's meant to look like Cole is up to no good, but I actually think his intentions might be good. Having him swayed back to evil again after everything he did to redeem himself last season would be a bit sucky in my opinion... not to mention repetitive. I mean really, we're in season 10, I really hope he just sticks to the good side now.

  • #15

    p3nathan (Saturday, 01 November 2014 18:58)

    ...but that's not to say he won't screw something up.

  • #16

    chloefan03 (Sunday, 02 November 2014 00:04)

    i also think that Cole will try to doo something good but that he'll cause problems. Because seriously how could he turn bad again, that would be ridicoulous. He was bad, good, bad and good at the very end of season 3, then good and "bad" in season 4, good at the very beginning of season 5, then he bacame more and more crazy, suicidal and bad again, he died, was good in season 7 and good in season 9 so i really hope that he will stay good and finally be able to find peace.
    And for Piper I really don't understand her for the moment. She was desperate to see Prue again, i thought the problem would be that she would always come to the nexus being often absent from the manor, instead of being so cold with Prue, but i guess she has a good reason :(

  • #17

    p3nathan (Sunday, 02 November 2014 01:21)

    While I dare say they could orb over and see her every once in a while, I guess that's easier said than done when their careers have them so busy. If they are so busy all the time at the moment, they probably want the little time they have off with their kids, all of which are still young.

    I think that might be part of Prue adapting to her new life...seeing that her sisters have their own families and motivations now. Which will probably add to her feeling cut off, since she didn't get as much of a chance for that.

  • #18

    chloefan03 (Sunday, 02 November 2014 01:45)

    i totally understand that they have their lives but still we're talking about their dead sister, the one they thought they'll never see alive again, it's a chance only them can have. And in this preview Prue is calling Leo because she can't have Piper when she calls her cellphone but Leo is immediatly successful and she answers the phone so she better has a very good reason or her reaction will be a big deception for me. I never thought the Piper we discover for the first time in the pilot, the one who was lebelled the "heart of the family", would act like this one day, especially toward Prue and after the last arc of season 9 were she was angry against Prue because of her absence.

  • #19

    p3nathan (Sunday, 02 November 2014 02:32)

    We saw her call Prue just last issue; nobody else has thus far. And as for not picking up, Leo says she just left and when Piper picks up his call she's arrived at Halliwell's, so it seems very likely to me that she probably didn't answer because she was driving there.

  • #20

    GC (Sunday, 02 November 2014 04:54)

    I'm thinking Cole might have found a literal loop hole in the nexus.

  • #21

    TomTom (Sunday, 02 November 2014 13:33)

    I could imagine the reader should believe that Cole is planning something evil, but actually he's planning a surprise, something good, a help or something like that. And this scene should set the readers on the wrong track. Like: at first "oh my gosh!" and later "aaaw, how cute". xD
    But I hope it is something deeper and more dramatic.

    I'm looking forward to the Prue storylines. I have to admit that I was VERY sceptical when I heard that Prue would be back in season nine. I had the fear that it would be a totally odd plot and sounds like a bad fan fiction. And I'm a little bit ambivalent about the final plot. In my eyes season 9 feels a kind of strange... not like "Charmed" how i know and love it... But luckily only in a few scenes!! I like season nine very much. But yeah, it felt strange sometimes.

    So I hope season 10 will go back to the roots, become more... "Charmed" than season 9 was.

    Oh by the way... sorry, it's offtopic but I have a quick question about the american DVD-sets. Is there only the original american sound on the discs? No other languages?

  • #22

    njc3490 (Sunday, 02 November 2014 23:31)

    there might be a reason why the sisters arent really talking to prue- remember a whole year has passed- maybe something happened- maybe she and cole have a relationship we have yet to find out about and the sisters dont approve- clearly something is gong on that we'll find out about over the rest of the s10. Clearly Piper and Leo don't like something and they all need to go to Prue's to figure something out. Who knows maybe she's just lonely and being annoying.

  • #23

    pruesthebest (Monday, 03 November 2014 00:12)

    But prue has always been concerned and cared a whole lot about her sisters... with being in the nexus, she is getting bored because she have always been active but her new role is boring her... she wants to vanquish a demon and fight. I see prue still got that superwitch, wicca wonder thing going on. And, i personally can not wait until she is in battle with a demon. I think she is the only sister that has vanquished demons without the help of her sisters...

  • #24

    Atlan (Monday, 03 November 2014 05:33)

    No Piper has vanquished numerous demons with her exploding power.

  • #25

    cyma (Monday, 03 November 2014 06:59)

    Maybe Cole is putting together a surprise welcome back from dead party for Prue. Everyone else busy cause they're planning. He's keeping the cake and party guests in his old closet :P

  • #26

    Maria (Monday, 03 November 2014 13:31)

    Whats interesting, if they do find a loop-hole, and Prue can leave either cloning herself/astro projection, it will be nice for her to be able to help out in demon fights, even if she can only be there for 5-10 mins, is better than nothing.

    But another question, if Prue somehow no longer is the keeper of the nexas, what happens then. Will she be mortal again, what if she can keep her powers, shes a witch still, but no longer tied to the power of three. Like I never understood why Prue had to have her powers striped, I know her and Paige cant both be charmed ones, but its like cant Prue just be unlinked from it, and still remain a witch. With the nexas giving her powers, if she ever got that role taken away or given to someone else, maybe she can still keep some powers, not hugely strong, but at least some of her original basic witch powers.

  • #27

    p3nathan (Monday, 03 November 2014 16:05)

    I'm not sure they could unlink her without her stripping her powers. The power of three lies in a combination of the witchcraft and the sisterhood. She's a Halliwell sister, they can't change that... so the witchcraft was the only way to disconnect her from the Charmed prophecy.

  • #28

    Barron (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 21:08)

    I know this is random, but does anyone know if Darryl will be in season 10? I hope we get light on his marriage to Sheila after all this time. I feel like he would've divorced Sheila by now. Tbh, I want him to date Prue. There's a lot of chemistry between them, but I feel like it won't happen. Darryl and Andy were like brothers so it'll kind of be wrong for Darryl to date Prue.

  • #29

    Julie (Saturday, 08 November 2014 02:41)

    No idea Barren if Darryl will be in ten or not.

  • #30

    WiccaWonda (Tuesday, 25 November 2014 11:42)


  • #31

    WiccaWonda (Tuesday, 25 November 2014 11:52)

    If Prue is stuck in the Nexus forever or the only way she can get out is by astral projecting, then really? There is no point ever bringing her back if she's living a life she doesnt want to, she's an immortal caretaker... Fck that! I wish she swapped places with someone else who deserves to be imprisoned there or would love to be immortal taking of a boaring realm, this isnt fair for Prue, she deserves MORE, I hope she ends up leaving the Nexus and everything it gave her in order to be a normal witch, I mean the natural owner of her body was a witch, she would have her powers right?? AT least the basics and some active powers and she glamoured herself to look like herself. Or
    ... Someone gifts her with magic thats not from the warren line or the nexus like she's her own POWERFUL WITCH!! Then lives the life she deserved all along. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN

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