New Artist - Charmed #6 & #7

Pat Shand:

  • Here’s the solicitation information and cover for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #6. However, the artist information is incorrect. The one-shots of this season, so far #6 and #7, will be drawn by Dimat. You can see her work here. After that, Elisa and Valentina will be back for the main arcs.
  • By working this way — the same thing we’re doing on the ROBYN HOOD ongoing beginning with #6 — we can keep a cohesive artistic vision for every multi-chapter storyline, and avoid taking months off. You guys already wait long enough for the monthly issues. Plus? Dimat is sooo goood. X

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    Talo (Monday, 29 December 2014 22:09)

    Dimat seems to be a pretty good artist judging from her deviant art page. Can't wait to see her work on charmed i hope it's good.

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    p3nathan (Wednesday, 31 December 2014 15:49)

    "After suffering a tragic loss at the hands of an evil older than time itself..."

    This makes me wonder if Valen has perhaps unearthed an evil far greater than him by using the Ancient Athame and hasn't even realised.

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