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Anonymous asked: Will we see Bailey in Charmed again?

  • Pat Shand: I have no plans for that character.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Season 10 of Charmed is great! But I'm just wondering are we ever going to see Prue interact with Paige? We haven't really know the chemistry between these two sister!

  • Pat Shand: Oh, definitely. Prue’s lack of interaction with the Charmed Ones as a whole is very purposeful at this point in the season, and it’s something we’re going to explore in depth. Paige and Prue will be in the same room soon, but the meatier stuff with them will come later.

Anonymous asked: About Charmed: are we gonna see Prue using the full scope of her powers, possibly while kicking demon-ass? She was always at her best when fighting demons. Keep up the good work, you're awesome!

  • Pat Shand: We will see all of that and then some.

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! Thanks for bearing with us Charmed fans, it can't be easy. Can you tell us something about what you have in store for Montgomery Knox? I couldn't stand him before, but I kinda like the slightly villainous side he showed in issue #3.

  • Pat Shand: Your answers lie in CHARMED: SEASON TEN #7. I don’t know if I’ve announced this before, but it’s titled “Hard Knox Life.”

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a big Charmed fan so I would like to ask some questions! I really liked Dan from season 2 and Andy from season 1, are you planing to use them in the future? And my question is the same with Tempus, beacuse the Source said in 3x22 that he is still alive, and he was a great villian. Thanks for answering :)

  • Pat Shand: No current plans for any of those characters in Season Ten. Sorry!

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Can you tell us something about Valen or what prompt him to go after the Charmed Ones? Is it just the same old glory and power stuff or is it more personal?

  • Pat Shand: Valen answers that himself in #1, though he elaborates on it in #4 especially and a little bit more in #5.

Anonymous asked: Will we have a new art for the cover of "Charmed: Season 10" Volume 1?

  • Pat Shand: No, it’s probably either going to be from #1 or #5.

Anonymous asked: Hi! any little clue about what mean "Prue's getting all sorts of creepy"? a hug from Chile. You are doing an amazing job this season :)

  • Pat Shand: I think there are big clues in the comics! In interest of not spoiling anything, I won’t point out anything specific, but there’s one super weird thing going on that I haven’t seen a single fan question. It comes to a head in #5, but I’m pretty glad no one has said anything about it, because I guess I’ve been subtle. Who knows!

Anonymous asked: Hello, i'm very curious and hopeful since you made the announcement, so i wanted to ask if Aidel is finally the first recurring gay character Charmed should have introduced a long time ago? I hope so since he is Paige's charge (and I love Paige's whitelighter duties side) I know we all tell you that but it's never enough so thanks for all you're hard work for us, and as a gay man, thanks for your incredible engagement and tolerance, Charmed couldn't have been in better hands, xoxo

  • Pat Shand: We aren’t going to be getting much into that character’s sexuality, so he isn’t the one I was talking about. We will be introducing a new character in #7, who will be dating a previously established Charmed character. That’s who I meant. Those two will have a larger role throughout the season, basically as regulars.

Anonymous asked: Hello Pat! If you could fix all the Cleaners stuff how do you explain their absence in Charmed 3x22 "All hell breaks loose"? I know that in season 3 finale they didn't existe but when I saw them in season 6 I was so disappointed! It was like Prue's death was useless.. Sorry for my English (I'm Italian)! A big huge

  • Pat Shand: I don’t see the correlation. The Cleaners are there to erase instances of exposed magic. Shax would’ve killed Prue either way, and they wouldn’t have gone back to change that.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! When will we found out what's going on between Prue and her sisters (specifically Piper)? It's something happened after season 9 finale? And can you give is a very very very little spoiler about issue 4? Thank you for this beautiful season and Happy New Year!!

  • Pat Shand: Hi! You’ll find out somewhere between #4 and the end of my run (sorry!), it IS something that happened after the season nine finale, I won’t give a spoiler for #4 beyond the panels I’ve leaked, and you’re super welcome for this season! I’m glad you think it’s beautiful, ‘cause we’re all trying crazy hard to give you a great story.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! i wanted to tell you first that i'm in love with what you're doing with Charmed :) but i had a question, why did Prue install an electrical barrier and an alarm at the manor and why her sisters are not aware of this? She's my favorite character ever and now that she's alive, she seems more lost than ever :(

  • Pat Shand: Hey! Thanks for reading. Prue didn’t install an electrical barrier. Remember, in #1, Fritz was performing recon on the Manor? He was in electrical form when doing so, shown on Page Eight, Panel 2. That is the day before the leprechauns found Piper at her restaurant, when they explain that they tried to go into the Manor but were shocked. Fritz’s energy zapped them, not Prue. They for sure know about Prue’s alarm, though. I don’t think anything in the text said otherwise. They would’ve at least helped set that up, or even fully done so, because Prue isn’t capable of leaving the Nexus of the All.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! are we going to see Tyler Michaels again on Charmed?

  • Pat Shand: Yep.

Anonymous asked: If a Charmed spin off had been made, who would you have liked to be the central character(s)?

  • Pat Shand: Cole and Darryl. With Kyra.

Anonymous asked: In 3x22 Piper and Prue used their powers against Shax in front of a journalist and magic was reveled to the world.. If the Cleaners were there they could fix the problem so Phoebe hadn't make a deal with the Source for saving their secret (and Piper of course).. So there IS a connection

  • Pat Shand: If you can buy into a concept as big as the Cleaners, you can buy into the idea that they only involve themselves directly as an absolute last possible resort. Situations of exposed magic have certainly been fixed before, and they haven’t been necessary. I don’t think that’s much of a stretch. In any case, though, I’m writing Season Ten, not seasons three or six… even though I did find those to be two of the show’s best. On matters of anything pre-Season Ten, my rationale is as good as yours.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I like to ask, if you have the chance to write an history with the time between season 3-4, how would be? (I know is a hard topic, but being a fan for so many years this is a eternal question). Thanks for your time! you are really nice to take your time to reply our questions :)

  • Pat Shand: Hey! Sorry to disappoint, but there’s zero chance of me ever writing that history. It’s not something CBS is interested in doing in the comics, which works because it’s also not something I’m interested in. It’s been a long, long time since then, and we all want to tell new stories instead of filling in blanks between the old ones.

Anonymous asked: A. i think the gay character is going to be tyler B. I think that perhaps something happened between Cole and Prue between the season 9 finale and now and that caused a rift between the sisters- especially Prue and Phoebe and Piper and Paige have kinda sided with Phoebe (maybe they didn't outright say that but it's obvious.) C. As for the cleaners- I always assumed if there wasn't any foreseeable way of cleaning up magical messes than theyd get involved. as for D... either prue's cryptic arm or the way her house keeps changing from light to dark (at least thats how it looks on the outside... maybe similar as to whats going on with her- maybe shes turning evil - she has a book of evil in her plus an object of good- shes the keeper of all magic good and bad- shes probably struggling with a dark side now...

  • Pat Shand: A. Did I say “character” as in singular? ‘Cause if I did, I didn’t mean it. B. Not a bad theory. C. Basically agreed, yes. D. The house changes with her mood. It’s been getting darker every time she gets more and more depressed. I think she’s always had more of a balance of light and dark than any of the other sisters, except arguably Phoebe during a period in her life, though I wouldn’t quite call Phoebe balanced. She’s generally an “all in” kind of person.

Anonymous asked: And as for why I think prue is getting creepy- i think its either something to do with her cryptic arm- or shes changing- she has an evil item in her that has to mess her up somehow- also- idk if its the artists rendition- but her castle always looks like its changing- sometimes its gray sometimes it wood colored- maybe this is a metaphor for whats going on inside her- a struggle between light and dark- also- she lives in a freakin castle- a creepy one at that- thats pretty telling if u ask me

  • Pat Shand: Definitely. As I’d said, the intention is for the castle to reflect Prue’s descent into depression, so the greys and cool blues are working that for me. It’s definitely supposed to be creepy! Living in a physical manifestation of your own depression is one of the scariest things I can imagine.

Anonymous asked: as for which characters are gunna be gay or bi (which im super excited about) perhaps tyler and MAX- they maybe met when the source returned and the girls brought everyone to the manor- or perhaps its knox - thats kinda interesting

  • Pat Shand: Charmed as a whole needs to be more diverse, and I’m working on making it a more realistic version of the world. Not everyone is married to straight white men with whom they have thirty-five kids!

Anonymous asked: I couldn't agree more- I personally feel that people are people- I believe in falling for a person not a gender race etc... for example- Even though Chris had Bianca I always felt he may be a little bi or bi curious - that maybe he had something with another guy at some point in his life- as many men have whether they want to admit it or not- also- ps- i love the castle being a manifestation of what prue is going through- it came across loud and clear

  • Pat Shand: Thank you! I’m glad that is working for you. We will be taking that in a weird but cool direction.



Pat Shand: Cover and solicitations for CHARMED: SEASON TEN #7 and CHARMED: SEASON TEN Volume One (collecting #1-6).

: #Charmed in #TheWalkingDead style? :)

Pat Shand: #4 had zombies. This is something more sinister.

Pat Shand: There's a new character in CHARMED #6, but he really gets the chance to shine in #8, and dang I love writing him.