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Anonymous asked: Hello Pat! Have you planned something for Penny and Patty? Will we see them soon? I always hated how they were introduced in last seasons.. They just appeared at command.. But they are supposed to be dead! It would be nice see them thought flashbacks or dreams.. Something different and original!

  • Pat Shand: Yeah, but not much.

Anonymous asked: Can you confirm that Prue will NOT be the character that turns out to be gay? Or is the theory that Patience was gay and now Prue is in her body so she's gay is a good theory?

  • PS: I’m not going to answer anything about any theories. Anything I say have to say about plot or character based on fan speculation will be in the actual comic. That said, I didn’t mean for “there will be gay characters” to spark all of this debate and hype. There should have been more diversity before, this isn’t some gigantic plot twist to debate over, though I do understand the drive to speculate.

Anonymous asked: if u could choose an actress to play "patience" aka new prue- who would it be?

  • PS: Super hard question. Natalie Dormer probs.

Anonymous asked: Hi :) Which actor should play Valen in your opinion?

  • PS: The great Kevin Alejandro.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat:) which actor should play Aidel in your opinion?

  • PS: Ummm maybe Jake T. Austin?

Anonymous asked: Would Zenescope ever consider doing the Charmed Sons spin off? There was a whole campaign and so much hype around it, it'd be cool if it could be brought to comics.

  • PS: No, there will only ever be one Charmed comic at a time.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Do you know how season 10 will end? I mean, you have projects for the entire season or you write the story arch by arch? We have to aspect a big story from issue 1 to 24 (?) or like in season 9 we'll have two (or multiple) big arch?

  • PS: I know how it ends, yeah. I don’t know what every single issue is going to be yet, but I know the major movements of the story. It’s definitely not two separate arcs, but rather overlapping stories that all move in one big direction.

Anonymous asked: When you write- do you think about the science behind the magic or do you go into it with the idea of "magic is magic so anything can happen." an example would be the logistics behind a soul vs essence. If you do work the science of it out in your head- do you come up with a backstory- using the soul vs essence example- would you say figure out what happened to demons that their souls became essences and why/how.

  • PS: It depends on the instance, but usually. If I’m introducing something new, it has to work with and add to established mythology. The “science” of it all, the why it works and the ins and outs, that’s the mythology. It provides necessary limits and helps build a specific universe (ex. the personal gain clause in Charmed, vampires dusting in Buffy and bloodsploding in True Blood, the set events in time in Who, etc) and distinguish it from other ‘verses. It’s all very important to maintaining continuity and it’s all considered.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! could you one day consider about making a special "male" charmed comic issue with Cole, Leo, Henry, Coop and why not even Victor and Sam? and with a cover not featuring at least one of the sisters?

  • PS: I don’t know if CBS would want to do a cover without one of the sisters. I’m planning on asking them what the rules are there in any case. Three of the guys are going on an adventure together in #9 and #10, which I think will is the closest we’d get to that. I would’ve LOVED to do a Leo/Cole spinoff, though. Those characters really work well together. It’s just not in the cards, unfortunately!

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! Just one day for the next Charmed Comic, Can't wait :) could you tell us is there any chance for a Cover with Prue?

  • PS: Definitely a chance! I’ll be SHOCKED if we leave this season without at least three Prue covers.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, is Cole really gone?

  • PS: The answer lies in #5, which is the Coliest episode Charmed has ever done.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. I loved issue 4!! Thank you so much for this story.. I have a question! Will we see more of Phoebe and Cole's conversation? It seems incomplete in issue 4.. Am I wrong?

  • PS: That is something I purposely left to the reader.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, as you might have noticed, we Charmed fans can be pretty obsessed when it comes to powers etc. Could you give us a rundown of Valen's powers? Because of the shilleagh and the athame, they're difficult to figure out.

  • PS: I don’t even slightly understand the obsession with their powers. Valen is a low-level demon. All of his magics are stolen, which has been his arc since I introduced him. He probably couldn’t even muster a fireball at max strength without all the artifacts he stole.

Anonymous asked: Not to be offensive or something but i always believe that phoebe and her sisters were very unfair to cole in season 5 by insisting that he was evil no matter how much he wanted to be good or keep judging him when he was trying to kill himself and not forgetting the Source possession thing. I don't want to make you lose your time in something that happened years ago, but i wanted to ask you if there is a change that in the future for the sisters to talk and apologize to cole this time around.

  • PS: No worries, that’s not offensive at all. When I say that I’m not concerning myself with the past, that is in response to people asking me to explain things from seasons ago that I had no involvement in. This is a matter of character, and it’s very relevant to what I’m doing still. Cole’s relationship with the sisters and their families isn’t really simple. I don’t think they would apologize to him, and I don’t think he’d accept it if they did. There’s just a lot of hurt on both sides, to the point where I don’t think words can really cover it. They just move on. I hope that makes sense.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! It would be cool to see all the sister telling a "story" about their relationship with Cole.. Next issue will be something like that? Can you tell us something about Prue's reaction to Cole's death?

  • PS: No, I wouldn’t say next issue is like that. The next issue focuses on Cole rather than on other people talking about Cole. You’ll see what I mean. And for the last question, definitely not. That’s directly asking for a spoiler!

Anonymous asked: in forever charmed- piper used coops ring to go back and save her sisters- coop even took phoebe back to see her past loves- why cant phoebe or someone uses coops ring again to change cole's fate.

  • PS: Souls transcend time and space. There is a reason that Valen sought the Ancient Athame, and it wasn’t so his victims could find an easy way around any damage he does. We will be exploring a good amount of what that means.

Anonymous asked: So we will be exploring as to why they cant reverse time in this case? In the next issue? Cause my my OCD fan side couldn't handle a plot hole like that?

  • PS: It going to be addressed in the next issue and further explored in the second half of the next arc. I already answered a question about this, though, so I don’t know why you assume it’s a plot hole. It’s plot.

Anonymous asked: I know you can't see the future and i don't know what your plans are for the story, but is there any chance for us to see more of phoebe and cole in the next comics and seasons, because many pholes shippers were left destroyed because phoebe and cole didn't end up together and still we can't believe it. Not to said that coop is unimportant, but they were the second great couple of Charmed and just like piper and leo's fans would feel hurt if something happened to them that is what we feel.

  • PS: There’s been no confirmation from me or otherwise that there will be any comics beyond Season Ten. Anyway, within #4 is probably the biggest (and shippiest) Phoebe/Coop scene since the early 2000s. And there’s more in #5. This is the most Cole-centric season in the history of the show. Something already “happened to them,” and that was Phoebe marrying another man. That happened before I was involved in the series. However, the story I’m telling is about Cole’s values as a person and as a hero, even if it doesn’t have a happy ending. If that story isn’t working for you, that’s perfectly fine. It’s not going to work for everyone.

Anonymous asked: I really want to hate you for killing Cole, but I did not see it coming and you managed to give him a hero's death, so I guess I forgive you. My question is, what does Cole's death mean for Phoebe and Coop? Being saved by the wife's ex-husband and then watching said wife grieving for him is bound to do something to a guy.

  • PS: Coop kind of addresses this in #5, but it’s more of a season-long thing than a direct answer thing.

Anonymous asked: I dont want to be rude because Charmed season 10 is AWSOME! But why couldn't Paige teleport the atheme in her hands immediately they orbed into the cemetery?

  • PS: Thanks for thinking it’s awesome! This is directly addressed in the issue, though. Valen is hopped up on power from various stolen mystical artifacts which makes him on par with them. Their plan is to strip him of those so they can get the Athame. The first thing Paige does is try to orb the shillelagh away from him the moment they orb into the cemetery, but Valen is already prepared for that.

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! We'll see new Book of Shadows' pages??

  • PS: Certainly.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat. Will we see how Valen and Fritz found the Ancient Athame?

  • PS: Nah, you’ve already seen a good amount of their quest. The rest would just be talking down to the reader.

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! just a question, in each issue of charmed, during the first part of the summary you're saying that a "strange magic threatens to tear appart" the sisters from Prue. What are you talking about? It's clearly not Valen because he's not interested in Prue, so is this force the big bad from season 10? the nexus of the All? something we don't have met yet?

  • PS: It’s intentionally vague enough to apply to any or all of those things!

Anonymous asked: I’m asking this question as a fan to a fan- not as a fan to the writer of Charmed-whats your take on Prophecies- I always considered them a prediction of the future- they don’t actually hold any real tangible power but just a prediction of whats to come but s9 with prue saying the prophecy would transfer to paige and the angels of destiny saying they revoked the prophecy of the twice blessed made it seem like prophecies are some binding contract- like a curse almost- whats ur take. The show always made it seem like prohecies were just a prediction of the future but then season 9- like i said- made it seem like some sort of binding contract tow however it was about- that if a prophecy is written about u thats it- that the prophecy it self holds weight over you and your future- like IT actually dictates your future as apposed to just predicting it- as a fan how to u see the two opposing presentations of prophecies (the shows and s9). to further my point- the angels of destiny said the prophecy of the twice blessed has been lifted and the charmed ones kids have been absolved of a calling- they’ll grow to use their magic for good but the threat to their lives is gone- meaning if a prophecy is written about them then and only then they are a danger to evil- otherwise they’re not? Like i said- i thought a prophecy just PREDICTS something major- not make u who you are. A witch is a witch- being a witch you have a calling - if u use ur magic for good then evil comes after you - if you don’t then your free - but i don’t think that has anything to do with a prophecy- i don’t think grams had a prophecy written bout her but her life was always in danger etc… so yea… that was my long winded way of saying… prophecies… thoughts? lol. also fun fact- wyatt was born prematurely- had phoebe remained pregnant- her child would have been due right around the time wyatt was born- the twice blessed child could have easily been about him as well… the seer foresaw him being the greatest force of good the world has ever known- he would have been twice blessed child of a charmed one and a demon- interesting to think about! also also- if prophecies really do hold all this power and wyatt was absolved of it- does that mean he’s not as powerful anymore because in season 7 when he comes to the last as an adult he’s pretty powerful”

  • PS: First, I’ll warn that my answer might be disappointing, because it’s completely impossible for me to filter my answer “as a fan” rather than as a writer for Charmed. Because while I am a fan, I am also writing it and the characters and universe are very much in my head. There’s way to separate that for me.

    However, let’s think about this critically. I think you’re thinking about ideas that seem mutually exclusive but aren’t. Do I think a prophecy dictates who you are? In the literal sense, no. Prophecies don’t make things happen in that sense… but in another way, they do. The burden of the prophecy is something huge — HUGE — in literature. When we find out about the future, does it effect our behavior? Does it change the way we see the world? And in fact, is hearing the prophecy — for instance, a negative one — and trying to avoid it, does that instead become the catalyst for starting a journey toward fulfilling the prophecy? Charmed, especially when Paul brought Prue back last season, deals a lot with that idea. The prophecy as a binding contract vs. the prophecy as an interpretation of the future, and I think Paul’s take can be interpreted both ways. Both arguments can be made, and I like that, because I think those ideas intwine in many ways, and I think there are vast differences in types of prophecy.  An example I’ll use to illustrate my point is Prue’s tattoo in this season. “One will die and one will rise.” That’s set in stone. But who does it apply to? Could it apply to multiple people? Is it a malleable prophecy that is waiting for the right candidates, or is it waiting for a specific person to die and a specific person to rise? That’s what we should be asking, and what we may even be asking and theorizing about into the future of Charmed, the way we’re talking about what Paul did with the Paige/Prue conundrum last season. Anyway, that, in response to your “prophecies… thoughts?” is my “prophecies? Hmmm.” But in the end? I think no matter what words someone else says about us, we create our future. We build ourselves. A big part of this season of Charmed is focusing on the flawed nature of their “Everything happens for a reason.” Yeah, what reason? And why does that matter? It’s a platitude, and a false one. We’ll see the Charmed Ones ask themselves what the real reason is… and realize that maybe they, themselves, have to be the reason.



Pat Shand: CHARMED: SEASON TEN #8 is written. I see angry tweets about this one in my future.

PS: So, I've got the title of the CHARMED finale. It'll be the only two-parter of the season.