Preview Page 1 - Charmed #5

Pat Shand: "From CHARMED: SEASON TEN #5: Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul? This issue will be out 2/18! I can’t believe it’s just a week away. Since basically the entire issue is a spoiler, I won’t be sharing any pages beyond this until it’s out. This is the first page of the issue."

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  • #1

    Marina (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 00:06)

    It’s breaks my heart :(

  • #2

    p3nathan (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 01:07)

    Wonderful recreations of scenes there.

  • #3

    P4Vilu (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 03:19)

    I'm thinking about three people that might be the one that's talking to Cole 1) Belthazor (Since he's technically Cole and "Cole is Alone")
    2) Cole's Father (Since we know Prue has his soul in the Nexus)
    3) The seer since she's the One that has been always behind him and torturing him.

  • #4

    Bigbear (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 08:29)

    I'm hoping for Belthazor, but it's probably Benjamin Turner.

  • #5

    cyma (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 14:29)

    Awesome! Wish we could see more flashbacks like this! Even wish we could see an alternate reality story arc where there's something like Phoebe dies instead of Prue or Paige grows up with her sisters, etc. And yes it may have been done a million times in fanfics or virtual series, but I would still like to see something similar happen in comics one day. Time travel and changing the present or future had been a big part of Charmed.

  • #6

    pruesthebest (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 16:28)

    @cyma: idk... i liked the original charmed ones chemistry. You can relate more. When paige arrived, i felt she changed the dynamics of the show and both piper and phoebe had to adjust to their new roles... phoebe was always funny to me but season 4 on up, idk who she was anymore.

  • #7

    Julie (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 16:35)

    Sounds more like Belthazor is talking to Cole or else torturing him with all these flashbacks of his life.

  • #8

    cyma (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 16:58)

    @pruesthebest well then a story arc of alternate reality where Prue continues to live :-) I'm just eager to see it. But I know in the end that reality would have to come to end due to what we saw in Forever Charmed. Or perhaps the writer has a grand plan to somehow change all that so we don't know what the ending will be. They already used destiny and death so much in the plot. And now that soul killing I wonder....

  • #9

    pruesthebest (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 17:55)

    We have to remember @cyma that pat did say, in one of the interviews, that both phoebe and paige didn't have a solid relationship like how piper and leo does so anything is bound to happen w/ coop or henry in the near future. Also, prue was a blonde in "morality bites" so i think we are getting a clear picture w/ the comics making amends w/ some of the characters. Another thing i noticed is that prue had no time for a man so she didn't get married or had kids because she put work first so again, the writers are doing an amazing job w/ keeping it as close to what we have seen in past episodes... hopefully, prue will have kids and get married at some point in the future. But you are right, it doesn't sound so farfetched. Remember in the alternate reality paige was dead? So we just may get one where we see how things would have gone if prue were still alive. Prue might be feeling depressed out of the four because she is the only one who doesn't have a husband, kids, a companion. I remember how prue had a desire to be the first to do everything and i'm thinking this could be the reason why she is suffering w/ depression. I still like that she has her "superwitch" "wiccawonder" tendecies. I expect them to do her justice though. She deserves that much.

  • #10

    pruesthebest (Wednesday, 11 February 2015)

    @cyma: im also thinking had prue lived, paige might of replaced leo as their whitelighter since she wouldn't have her witch powers... but you might be onto something, i think we are going to get flashbacks like this in the season finale... idk why i'm thinking of a shax/prue/piper situation or what "the reason" could even mean or be about but it sounds like it has something to do w/ that or the distance between prue and her sisters... i still feel like prue was becoming an empath in "all hell breaks loose" she could sense that shax was still alive and w/ her having the powers to astral project at that point in time she should have mastered the power to astral clone herself to create a distraction so that her and dr. Griffiths would both be alive. Prue's pride is what killed her because she acted before she thought things through.

  • #11

    cyma (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 20:08)

    @pruesthebest: Great analysis! Yes with that alternate reality episode with Paige dead, it gives me hope something like this will be explored. And with Prue and the distance between her sisters, makes me wonder if Prue being powerful enough to change reality could knowingly or unknowingly do something weird like this. Wasn't there a mention of Prue getting all kinds of creepy? With Cole dead, uh...dead, I wonder if she'll do something to save him or her father which could have consequences.

  • #12

    Julie (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 20:27)

    I always thought Prue deserved a relationship with a cupid more than Phoebe cause Prue had problems with finding love as well when she was alive. Of course that would mean that Cole would still be with Phoebe instead of Coop or they would have to introduce another lover for Phoebe if Julian still decided to leave in season 5. Don't know if the producers would want two cupids on the show but who knows? Kinda a what if thing.

  • #13

    cyma (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 20:44)

    Prue and a Cupid? Never really thought of before....interesting :-)

  • #14

    pruesthebest (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 21:21)

    @julie: You know what, you are so right, i almost forgot prue has had issues w/ finding a man but maybe she finds love w/ a man from the past like in the episode "all halliwells eve" w/ micah/mitch... in that same episode it was revealed that phoebes true love would be a man whose name began w/ a C but let's see where the writers take it.

  • #15

    Julie (Thursday, 12 February 2015 00:56)

    @Pruesthebest well I can see Benjamin carrying on where Cole left off as the Conduits messenger until Cole's return (happens alot in comic books) but her falling for Ben interesting might work but maybe not.

  • #16

    TomTom (Thursday, 12 February 2015 02:58)

    Hm, I think the change of "Charmed" isn't connected to the emergence of Paige, but to the leaving of Constance M. Burge. And both happend to nearly the same time.
    In my opinion season 4 is slightly different to the first seasons but it still feels like a normal process. And I bet season 4 would have a similar atmosphere even if Prue would be still there and Paige never arrives.
    Up from season 5 the series changed more obviously and very abrupt. And Constance M. Burge is completely gone. That's very sad...
    But all in all season 4 is my favorite season I think...

    An issue about time travel oder alternate life would be cool. I like this fact of "Charmed" to show different possibilities of their characters.
    Of course I like "Charmed" how it is. But it would be so cool to have Prue AND Paige together since season 4... ^^ They're my favorite sisters.
    And yeah I am one of those guys who wrote a fanfiction for season 9 in which Prue is finally back! xD But in my version it was a little bit more dramatic and much more familial. And a big plot was the realtionship between Prue and Paige... ^^ Damn, I was 16 at this point... xD

    I really like the idea of an cupid husband for Prue! That would have been so cool. :D Especially because of the fact Prue always seems to be a little "cold" and we all know that she has problems with showing her feelings. A cupid for Prue....yeah I like that!

    By the way: I don't like the omen with the letter 'C' very much... I mean... which other letter could this apple skin build exept for an 'O'?? It's a weird practice of augury. If this guy would have talk to Prue instead of Phoebe, this apple skin would have also form a 'C'. And every single person on this market would have the same result too... xD

    So sorry for my bad English! I bet the whole grammar is wrong... xD
    It's very late here, that's it! ;)

  • #17

    pruefan4life (Thursday, 12 February 2015 03:46)

    @Julie The thought of Prue working with/falling for Benjamin Turner is quite intriguing, actually. Instead of the son continuing the father's legacy, we instead have the father continuing the son's legacy (as Prue's messenger, I mean).

    Maybe this will be explored in issue #10, which as we know, is titled "The Curious Case of [Spoilers]." If the title is indeed a pun of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," then the redacted part is highly likely "Benjamin Turner."

  • #18

    cyma (Thursday, 12 February 2015 08:57)

    @Julie you're killing me with your awesome theories. Mostly cause I wanna go and write a fic about it, but already have my hands full with Little Phoebe and Cole/Source(yup that's me, lol) Oh but Prue and Cole's Dad? Weird, but nice!

    @TomTom: I'm a sucker for Prue return scenes so mind sharing that fanfic you wrote? :-)

  • #19

    TomTom (Thursday, 12 February 2015 12:48)

    The story is a little bit to long I guess... It has as much pages as like one of the books to the series. ^^ And it's in German, sorry. :/
    But if I'm an author one day, I will publish it. :P

  • #20

    cyma (Thursday, 12 February 2015 18:53)

    I don't mind the gazillion pages but German? Umm...that's gotta be a problem. And Google translate would probably mess everything up, lol.

  • #21

    pruesthebest (Thursday, 12 February 2015 18:59)

    That's where the show started to crumble @tomtom... when both shannen and constance left. I wouldn't have left my "baby" in the hands of others when it was i who created the show... i believe i read an interview where constance based charmed on her life w/ her sisters... which is why so many people connected w/ the show. I was thinking about what @cyma was saying and, in my honest opinion, phoebe, out of the four, is the weakest of them all. Prue, piper and paige all have active powers compared to phoebe. It is just sad. I hope she finally does get a kickass power.

  • #22

    Julie (Thursday, 12 February 2015 22:35)

    @pruesthebest Constance left cause she had some disagreements with Kern and also decided to produce other shows. You know she also wrote some episodes of Charmed... I mean most of the stuff like who was going to be the new demon or warlock of the week still stayed around after Constance left it was when they started introducing greek and roman mythology characters like Muses,Nympth's,Oracles etc into the Charmed series especially in the latter season when seem to focus a bit more on that.

  • #23

    pruesthebest (Thursday, 12 February 2015 23:12)

    @julie... kern should have been the one to walk away.

  • #24

    p3nathan (Friday, 13 February 2015 00:54)

    Supposedly Burge's first issue was that she didn't agree with having the Cole story, because she wanted villains introduced and vanquished in the same episode so that each story would be wrapped up and it'd stay episodic. If this is true, I don't really get her stance, since we'd already had Rex and Hannah in like 6 episodes... plus there was Give Me a Sign and Astral Monkey, both of which were follow ons from previous episodes.

    However Burge was very attentive to the sisterly aspects of the show and that was something I feel was lost later on. I think the comics have rekindled that a lot and that's one thing I love about them. I think Kern's attention was far more on what costumes he could get the girls into. Plus he's admitted that he didn't know where he was going with the story a lot of the time and I guess some might admire the honesty, but frankly I'd rather not hear that.

  • #25

    p3nathan (Friday, 13 February 2015 01:18)

    And for what it's worth, I don't think the decline had anything to do with Paige's introduction. Season 4 was very similar in tone to season 3, maybe even a little darker and I think the shows later issues were far more general than that. And I had far more issues with the directions the remaining characters (Phoebe, Piper, Leo, Cole) went in than anything Paige did. Frankly, they couldn't commit to a Paige story long enough for her to make any drastic difference on her own.

  • #26

    Bigbear (Friday, 13 February 2015 08:33)

    The decline had nothing to do with Shannen, Constance, Paige or (it's a pain for me to admit it) even Brad, and everything to do with the network meddling in the show's direction. If I remember correctly, after season 4 the WB moved Charmed to Sunday and asked Brad to drop the heavy serialized storytelling (even though the back half of season 4 saw a ratings boost). I remember reading somewhere that they asked him to tone down the dark because by moving Charmed to another slot they wanted to appeal to a younger audience (and that's why the sudden explosion of mermaids, nynphs, friggin' leprechauns and sugary stuff).

  • #27

    Bigbear (Friday, 13 February 2015 08:41)

    Also, I spent a lot of years despising Brad Kern for what I thought he did to Charmed. And while I still hate on him a little, after a lot of stuff I've found out over the years I realize now that Brad is the only reason Charmed was not completely ruined by the WB. Keep in mind that he's the one that for years had to deal with the network's insane requests while trying to stay as true as possible to the show. Most fans think Charmed's later years were bad, and they're probably right. But let's keep in mind that they could've been a loooot worse.

  • #28

    TomTom (Friday, 13 February 2015 14:04)

    In my opinion "Charmed" had a lot of influences from outer incidents.
    Starting with changing slots, disagreements between the producers, budget cuts, demands from WB and most of all the leaving of a leading actress.
    And hell yeah, "Charmed" has mastered it all! Especially the fact that 3 leading roles are inevitable and this show didn't give up but made the best out of it. Thanks for introducing Sam in season 2, it felts like Paiges secret birth was planned.
    It's a huge success to continue a series for more five years after such a big event.

    In Germany it was nearly the same. The show had so much different broadcasting times... First season on sunday afternoon, second season saturday afternoon, season 3 on wednesday evening (first 21:15, then 20:15 (followed by episodes from season 1), fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh season on wednesday evening (20:15) and eighth season on tuesday evening, then shifted to saturday afternoon because of less viewing rates and limited promotion.
    And the last episode of season 3 wasn't shown at first! So many people thought that "Look who's barking" would be the season finale. Then season 4 started. With "All hell breaks loose"! That was confusing for many viewers to have Prue in the first episode of the new season, just to kill her.
    So many fans boycott the series. The teen magazines were full of angry fanletters... xD

    But nevertheless: "Charmed" is still running in Germany. We have 2015 and there was no break since 2006... That's awesome. Of course the broadcasting times still changes (in the morning, forenoon, afternoon and night) but it's still there. Daily, not weekly. Since 2011 "Charmed" is even broadcast on two channels at the same time...

    Sorry, I get a "little bit" toooo of topic, but I wanted to show that "Charmed" deals with nearly every problem and is still alive.
    Not every series can handel this.

  • #29

    Miia (Friday, 13 February 2015 15:20)

    And after all these problems we're in season 10 now. That's so freakin cool. :D

  • #30

    pruesthebest (Friday, 13 February 2015 23:42)

    Thank you all @p3nathan @bigbear and @tomtom. Different opinions give you a different outlook. But i felt that @p3nathan hit it right on the nose and agree w/ you, charmed had lost the "sisterly" aspect of the show and that charmed season10 has fixed that particular problem.

  • #31

    Julie (Saturday, 14 February 2015 23:34)

    Maybe the network took out the sisterly aspect on purpose in the show. I mean if you focus too much on the sisterly aspect in every episode of every season it may become boring after awhile but that's just me.

  • #32

    pruesthebest (Sunday, 15 February 2015 00:09)

    @julie... maybe, but this is what the show was based around. Which is why it was such a hit among people who could relate to the show. I'm sure we have all had relationships w/ our siblings that the sisters had w/ each other and changing that aspect may cause a few to lose interest in the show.

  • #33

    GC (Sunday, 15 February 2015 03:12)

    That was always my biggest complaint. It made me sad to watch seasons 1-3 with all the sisterly moments, even if they were just all in the kitchen or out to lunch together and then after Prue dies that's all lost. The only time they were all together was when demons were involved.

  • #34

    TomTom (Sunday, 15 February 2015 16:06)

    Yes, I also think that the show lost the sisterly aspects over the years... But not completely.
    And I think it's understandable in some parts. Since season 3 the sisters start to build their own lifes with marriage and family plans. It's normal that this changes the family bonds in some ways. And of course the death of Prue and the very new situation...
    But one of the most sisterly scenes for me is in season 4, when Phoebe lies on her bed, cries about Coles "death" and Piper and Paige crawl next to her... damn, one of my favorite scenes.

    But yeah, the sisterly moments are reduced over the years and that's very sad. :(

  • #35

    pruesthebest (Monday, 16 February 2015 22:36)

    I thought i was the only fan who saw that @GC and @tomtom... yeah, but the show was at it's strongest w/ the original 3 sisters... and what makes it sad is that paige wasn't raised w/ the other three and will all still never got a chance to see how well she bonded w/ them. Only in one season (4th season) and that's not fair to us, the fans, or the characters.

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