Interview with Pat Shand - Charmed Season 10 #7 (SPOILERS)

Charmed #7 is out today!

Under the cut you can read my interview with Pat Shand talking about the events of the issue.

Please note that the interview contains spoilers.

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CCF10: I find it ironic that Leo got more info about the Ancient Athame by making a soul agreement. If an agreement isn’t fulfilled, does the person just die or is the soul gone too?

PAT SHAND: The only way to destroy a soul is the Ancient Athame. If Leo violated the agreement, his soul would’ve simply been removed from his body. Whether or not the soul is then allowed to pass on to the afterlife is up to the individual who now has said soul. To pop culture it up a bit, I was thinking of a mix between the crossroads demon’s deals from Supernatural and the Unbreakable Vow from Harry Potter. Since Leo obviously doesn’t die in this issue, we didn’t show the full extent of the mythology behind the soul agreement, but I’m pretty fond of it. Might want to come back to it, even…

CCF10: Hypothetically, without being vanquished (as we saw with Gaxageal in #1), will the vassal of an Old One’s soul perish after a period of time?

PAT SHAND: I’d say it depends on how powerful the host is. However, if a body begins to decompose or reject the possession, I’d think someone as powerful as Aldar Kose could reverse both of those things.

CCF10: Was Aldar Kose’s plan to use the Academy’s students (who I assume are not powerful enough to sustain an Old One) a temporary way to bring back the Old Ones in order to defeat the Charmed Ones?


CCF10: Is there more to discover about Aldar Kose? Is he gone for good?

PAT SHAND: He’s dead, but actions as loud as his have echos.

CCF10: Piper finally accepts her life and all the dangers it comes with. Can you talk to us about her coming to terms with it?

PAT SHAND: It was initially going to be her longterm character arc this season, but it just felt like such a long time coming. I was writing the scene with her and Leo at the end, and I realized that I didn’t need to take Piper in that direction… she was already there.

CCF10: Can you explain how Leo is safe from the soul agreement? Shouldn’t Leo die when Knox died?

PAT SHAND: No, I think that Knox’s guidelines were specific here. Leo gets the Charmed Ones to help, and he did. Knox saw a way out, and he took it. He’s not a malicious being, so he wouldn’t leap to his death knowingly taking Leo for no reason. The end goal – the Charmed Ones assisting him by helping save his students – was met.

CCF10: Is Gaxageal in the body of Knox now? We saw not just one but a lot of seeds being planted on him.

PAT SHAND: I’m comfortable with you knowing no more than what you saw in the comic on that front. Time will tell!


CCF10: Volume 1 is out next week. How does it feel to have your first Charmed story completed especially since you’ve been waiting 2+ years to start telling it?

PAT SHAND: It feels great. Single issues are the lifeblood of the comics industry, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that holding a trade wasn’t a singularly thrilling experience. I love the format, and I love the idea that it’s going to reach more people than the single issues. Because, let’s face it – Charmed fans aren’t showing up in comic shops. There’s just not much crossover between the original fanbase and folks who know we’re doing comics. But bookstores? That’s where Season Ten will clean up.

CCF10: What are you most proud of so far writing this comic and is there anything you would have done differently?

PAT SHAND: Yeah, I mean, there’s always something I’d do differently. That’s in every series that I do. But you know, the work is out there, and I stand by it. I’m pretty proud of it all… especially the Cole storyline and the Prue storyline. I also like Murray. “Remember Murray” will never not make me smile.

CCF10: You’ve mentioned you have considered adding some extras in the volume. Should we be expecting any surprises in it next week?

PAT SHAND: Unfortunately not. They just put in a preview of #7. Alas.

CCF10: The new arc starts next month. In a small sentence, or phrase or word (anything you want): what is coming next (and should we be afraid?)

PAT SHAND: What’s coming next… revelations, returns, and changes. Should you be afraid? I mean, come on. You saw what I did five issues in. If you’re not afraid of this season by now, I’ve failed you.

CCF10: Thank you, Pat!

PAT SHAND: Thank you!

You can find Pat on Twitter and Tumblr.