Titles for #11,12,13 and August Break

Pat Shand:

  • Hey! All right, so I suspect that I’ll get a ton of asks about this one, so I’m going to try to give all of the information here. First, a bit of bad news… but with good intentions.
  • We’re taking a month off between #10 and #11. Now! I know. It sucks. No one wants it, I don’t want it, etc etc. It’s happening. But…
    - Paul left
    - The creative team is behind
    - Editorial is behind
    - The apocalypse is coming
    - Underwear gnomes
    - Non-underwear gnomes (this one is up for debate)
    …There are fewer one-shots this season than we originally thought. #11 and #12, the last two installments that’ll be collected in Volume Two, are a mini arc unto themselves. Elisa has to draw them to keep the season consistent. #13 is (probably, we’re planning for, we need this to be) the final one-shot of the reason. From then on? All Elisa. To prevent any unplanned delays, we are taking a planned one to make sure the season goes according to… er, plan.
  • Don’t worry. During the month it would’ve come out, we’ll do something super special for you.
  • For now, here are the titles of the next few issues.
  • #11: Fear Always Comes Back
    #12: Virtue
    #13: Court of Love
  • And… regarding Paul’s exit as editor. I just want to be sure there are no weird conspiracy theories going on. Paul and I are friends – remember that last picture of us hanging out? That was us literally just hanging out, and #7 was already in the bag. Paul has a bunch of other wonderful projects, and his time is valuable to everyone and valued very much by me. So there’s not even a whisper of drama to be found there, so let’s cool those jets before they get jetty! Paul is super crazy cool to work with, and we’ve already talked about post-Charmed ideas, because Paul Ruditis is a veritable factory of good ideas.
  • Does that cover it all? I think it does. I hope y’all are well! Oh, and thanks for the sweet responses to #7. I love you guys!
  • -PS X