Charmed #11 Cover + Volume 3 titles

Pat Shand:

  • Taking CHARMED: SEASON TEN into its second year… So, hey! We’re nine issues into the season, and we’ll soon be getting solicits for the second half of the series… #12 and on. I know how much you guys love teases, titles, and the wee little details… so here’s the shape of what’s to come!Let’s get this started with a brand new cover. This one is for #11, Fear Always Comes Back. David Seidman, folks! That’s followed by #12, Virtue, which is the finale of the second volume. Now, a bit about the issues that’ll be within Volume Three. I won’t tell you much, but here are some titles. Feel free to speculate however you’d like! #13 - Court of Love (This will be Giorgia Sposito’s guest issue) #14 - The Four Sisters, Part One #15 - The Four Sisters, Part Two #16 - Happy Ending #17 - Effigy. You’ll notice that the puntacular titles have been… I don’t want to say abandoned, but perhaps “dropped off with a babysitter” is a kinder version of it. These titles came to me, and they felt right for the stories. I originally wanted to pun through the whole season, but considering some of the stories here, this felt like a more honest move. Anyway, yay! 2016 is going to be fun. X