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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, is there anything you can share about Kareem? He is just mortal, right?         

Pat Shand: Nope, Kareem is a witch! X

Anonymous asked: Could Prue being in Patience's body be the en cause of the problems, in recent issues or does the evil book have something to do with it?

PS: #12 should be an interesting issue for you! X

Anonymous asked: Do you already know how ypu want this season to end and how the ending will set the pace for next season? I love this season and your your awesome!!

PS: Hey! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The end of the season definitely doesn’t set up a subsequent season, because there probably won’t be one. It’s a very definitive ending.

I’m thoroughly outlined through #18, scene by scene. I’ve written through #11. I have a list of beats I want to hit in the final arc and a few scenes from the finale, but I want to keep it organic because #18 is such a game changer that I’ll want to write that before diving into that final outline. It’ll inform every scene in the rest of the season. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! last year you said that you would probably update some characters to the regular status during the run of the season. Is it the case with Tyler and Kareem?

PS: Yep! Tyler, Kareem, and Prue are in probably every issue moving forward. X

Anonymous asked: Will we see Elizabeth Turner in the comics?

PS: Beyond flashbacks, no. X

Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! What do you think of the relationship between Paige and her biological father Sam? It always bugged me how the writers on the show had a character that could potentially be a source of growth for Paige (and a great connection to the sister's family since he must have been around when they were kids), and used him once every three years. Do you have any plans for him?

PS: I think Sam is a character with a lot of pathos. He was one of my favorites of the recurring cast, though I do think Sam’s spirit leaving with Patty was a great ending to the character. I don’t know if I would’ve brought him back. But they did, so now the good part about is that I have access to him. I’m going to be plotting out the specifics of the final arc of Season 10 soon enough, so he might fit in there, but it won’t be in a huge role. A big part of Season 10 so far has been expanding the main cast, so a lot of the second half of the season will be balancing everything I’ve introduced and paying off all of their arcs. So, in short, maybe/I’d like to/we’ll see! X

Anonymous asked: I don't know why but as of late I've been a helpless romantic and all I can talk about, think about, etc is Love! I also have been burnt so Im guarded... this leads me to asking about Coop- I'm super interested in the cupid mythology and of love- is this what the cupid one shot is going to be about?!

PS: Hey! I definitely spoke too soon by calling it a Coop/cupid one-shot. It’s more like a relationship one-shot. It acts as the fulcrum of the season, balancing the set-up that came in #1-12 with the payoff coming in the second half of the season. It’s sending the characters off on their final journeys for the season, sort of emotionally defining who they are and where they’re going to go. It’s framed by a Phoebe/Coop story, but there is just as much Piper/Leo, Paige/Henry, and… other characters, who I won’t mention here. X

Anonymous asked: 2 quetions Pat, 1) how is the coexistence between you and all the S10 crew. 2) if you could do ANYTHING you want (either change something from past seasons, or add) with laws free (likenesses, rights, CBS approval and all of that) on this season, what would it be?

PS: My relationship with the Charmed team is interesting, because I’m functioning as writer, editor, and an in-between to CBS. I have to give them more notes than I would normally give if I was just writing the book, because I’m playing three distinct roles. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Elisa, Valentina, Dimat, or Giorgia in person yet – maybe at a convention in the future.

And as far as if I could do anything, I mean… I kinda am. I’ve only ever gotten one note that changed my plans, and I agreed with it. The only thing I’d do differently if there were no rules would be page count. I’d do longer issues and shorter issues based on a whim. I’ve got the rhythm of a 22 page comic down, so it comes naturally to me, but if I had the freedom to do so, I would expand here and there to give the stories and scenes the extra space to breathe, to really give it that full episode feel. But honestly, I don’t really care about the likeness thing right now – I love the Prue/Patience story, so I don’t feel that it’s limiting to me.

I guess the only other thing is – and this is a bit cheeky – is that, were there no guidelines, I wouldn’t outline, and I would just put gibberish in the solicits. I’d love the freedom to write whatever I want, to change plots last minute, to switch issues around on a whim. It’s impossible in licensed and company-owned comics, because an outline is essentially a promise made that I intend on keeping, but I’d love to just go in with a far, far rougher idea and let loose. I honestly doubt anything would change, because the plotting has all come very natural, but I am also naturally inclined to avoid plotting story much at all, if I don’t have to. I prefer to follow character. X

Anonymous asked: any news of a possible Charmed Halloween or Christmas special issue? (I'd rather xmas because we never got to see an episode on the tv show)

PS: No, there won’t be any special issues. It’ll be a 22 or 24 issue season with no spinoffs. There might be a special extra issue if I end the season at 22. It depends on how the plotting for Volume Four goes. X

Anonymous asked: i thought that the number of issues for this season would be 24 like season 9? there might be one or two issues less? :(

PS: It depends. I don’t want to stretch the story out longer than it has to be, so it’ll be between 22 and 24. Probably 24, but either 22 or 23 is possible. X



Pat Shand: Charmed #13 has narration from all four sisters, as well as a secret fifth character. It's, in a way, the season's fulcrum. X



Pat Shand: The same way that #6 is essentially a Phoebe one-shot, #11 is a Paige one-shot, #12 is a Prue one-shot, and #13 is a relationship one-shot with a bit of a heavier lean on Coop/Phoebe than the other two couples. X

PS: Hey guys. The Wasteland is a big, vast area. Just like there are vanquished demons there, there are also creatures indigenous to it, just like every plane of existence. If we can buy a gigantic creature devouring essences, I think we can buy a bunch of lesser, Wasteland-born, Belthazor-obsessive demons.
And as far as absorbing power, not all demons (or humans, or anything) are as resourceful or ambitious as Cole. X