Latest for Social Media #18

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat! You've been pretty generous lately with Charmed spoilers and previews, so I just have to try and ask! You've said that #18 is a game-changer.. can you give us a hint as to why it is? Or, I don't know, maybe you could just let the title slip.. promise we won't tell anyone.

Pat Shand: #18 actually became #17. There is a subplot involving Cole’s death during #14 - 16 that was originally an issue unto itself, but considering there were such big character moments, I cut the issue and made it into the B-story for #14-16. That bumped off one issue for the season, making the third volume more condensed. Essentially more stuff happens in each issue!
So yeah, #17 is Effigy, and I definitely can’t say why it’s a game-changer. I’m still deciding if the final arc needs the extra issues or if we need to do another one-shot in the fourth volume, but I’m currently thinking it might be better to end at #22. I know that most Charmed fans probably won’t like that we might get two issues less than Season Nine’s twenty-four, but overall it might make for a stronger overall season, and that’s more important than initial outcry.
So essentially… hang on, trust us, and we’ll deliver. It might not be how you expect, but we promise it’s a hell of a ride. X

Anonymous asked: These is actually two questions: 1) How can there be a Belthazor Cult in the Westland, because i understood that he became something of a pariah for demons after Cole fell in love with Phoebe? 2) Does this means that Belthazor could return in the future because in the show it was (almost) establish that Cole and Belthazor were two separated beings in reality and if that's true them is posible for him to return? I know this is asking to much, but if you can answers for me i'll be much appreciated.

Pat Shand: A problem that I’m running into with the Charmed fandom on the Belthazor statue issue is this, and this is confusing me a bit. The show never depicted demons, or any supernatural race, acting as a single entity. The show only revealed a very small area of the Wasteland, so the intent of the Belthazor statue is to show that A) some demons are still loyal to who Belthazor/Cole was as a demon, B) not all creatures in the Demonic Wasteland are vanquished/incorporeal (something we already knew from the show), C) some demons separate the idea of Belthazor and Cole – we know the Charmed Ones did, and D) we don’t know everything there is to know about the Wasteland.

As far as the second question, if I understand what you’re asking, the answer was already covered in depth in #5. The entire Cole/Belthazor scene, which is most of the issue, is essentially a long, dramatic answer to that question. X


charmedcupidwitch asked: If there was ever a power of two spin off which two sisters would you want to be in it? I'd want Prue and Paige.


Pat Shand: I don’t think I’d be interested in a Power of Two spinoff. It takes away the core of what Charmed is instead of adding to it. I would be interested in the following spinoff ideas…

Paige training her new charges
Kyra and a “new” character we bring in at the end of #10
Leo/Cole set between seasons nine and ten X


Anonymous asked: Pat, are you sure issue 10 will get us in peace enough to give a full Charmed free month? Or you're totally aware that maybe fans will attack you until Issue 11 reaches shelves (ona certain good way)?


Pat Shand: Well, I will put out something fun during the month off that might whet readers’ appetites. X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, I know it's kind-of a spoiler, but is the Angel of Death's fate going to be adressed soon? He was stabbed with the (unactivated?) athame, so I doubt he was destroyed, otherwise all hell would have broken loose (again).


Pat Shand: If the Angel of Death had gotten stabbed a second time, that would be reaaaally bad. As for now, he’s fine. Probably hurting pretty bad, but not destroyed. X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat, are Cupids able to see bits of everyone's love life or just their charges?


Pat Shand:  It depends where they are in the hierarchy. Most can only see their charges.

The Judge sees all. X


Anonymous asked: First of all, Charmed Season 10 is great! I have a question (maybe it's a request of spoiler -like you say- but I have to try ahah).. Now that Ben is in Cole's body, he have his son powers or he's just a mortal?


Pat Shand:  He’s mortal. Prue could’ve given him Cole’s powers – hell, Prue could do almost (almost!) anything she wants now. But she didn’t. X


Anonymous asked: Now that Cole is back (well, his body) the fandom now has a new debate, about who is Team Prue+Cole/Ben and who's not, what do you think about it? (I'm not asking a spoiler or something about future issues, just want to know your opinion as a Charmed fan)


Pat Shand:  Honestly, it struck me as really odd that it was even a debate. Prue hardly knows who Ben is, so I don’t know what’s the deal with the assumptions they’ll be paired off. I’m not going to say where those two characters are headed, but dang – the discussing I’ve seen is almost 100% a debate about them getting together, which is a HUGE logical leap from their only interaction so far, which was basically “Let me get you out of my brother-in-law’s body.” X


Anonymous asked: Pat i really like how ypu show Phoebe still struggling with the lose of Cole.. I think it helps readers take a step and realize that despite being one of the most powerful witches in history that she's still normal with normal emotions. I think the show sometimes rushed the grieving process. Wonderful job.


Pat Shand: I’m glad you feel that way. I noticed that a few times during the show, that the narrative would very quickly move past the mourning, especially on the Phoebe/Cole front. Phoebe, for me, is someone who feels more deeply than others, so I think it’s important to show that. X


Anonymous asked: Well i think that the debate about the pairing of Prue and Ben is because one, if not the biggest desire of the majority of the charmed fandom, is to see Prue finally happy, alive and having her own family with her own childs ( even Paul has written about it in his book mentioning Prue's desire to have a "Prue Jr"!) and we know that the series will sadly end in 12-14 issue :) but i totally understand that for you it's crazy ! (but aren't we, us fans, crazy?!)


Pat Shand: I get you! I do, however, think that having children is currently the very, very last thing on Prue’s mind. It’s funny, a major theme of this season is subverting the idea that marriage + children = happy ending for these characters. X


Anonymous asked: Remember the fictional issue #25's cover? Should we forget about it or you still have plans for it?


Pat Shand: I tried to get it included in the trade, tried to get it used for an issue… it just never works out. X