Preview Page - Charmed Season 10 #14

Pat Shand: From “The Four Sisters, Part One.” X

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  • #1

    paradosso_ontologico (Thursday, 24 September 2015 22:41)

    Avatar Gamma is back?!

  • #2

    Ghali (Friday, 25 September 2015 00:14)

    Holy P3 ! So many questions I don't even know where to start !

  • #3

    Ghali (Friday, 25 September 2015 00:16)

    I'm guessing that weird-freaking-me-out-Mystique-bald thing is a new form of Prue !?

  • #4

    Mike (Friday, 25 September 2015 00:28)

    Definitely Gamma. I hope that bald figure isn't Prue, as the babyhead on her chest looks really creepy.

  • #5

    Aaron_89 (Friday, 25 September 2015 00:31)

    The thing seems serious. I imagine they're talking about Prue. If they feel threatened I would not surprise if they request to the sisters to put her an end.

  • #6

    Barron (Friday, 25 September 2015 01:01)

    I think that woman is Prue, but I hope not. And I can't believe that's Gamma. I didn't recognize until paradosso_ontologico pointed it out!

  • #7

    LeoVzla (Friday, 25 September 2015 06:08)

    Call me insane, but the little girl in the bald's chest looks a lot like Phoebe's child when she got possessed by the will o' the wisp in Issue #6

  • #8

    chloefan03 (Friday, 25 September 2015 12:48)

    yeah for me the child is P.J, maybe showing Phoebe and the sisters what they're gonna lose if they don't stop Prue?

  • #9

    41eugoR (Friday, 25 September 2015 14:40)

    Dammit! I can't think of any words to express my feelings right now....

  • #10

    paradosso_ontologico (Friday, 25 September 2015)

    I thought of P. J. as well! Now I really can't wait for this double issue!
    Only 12 days more for #12 though :P

  • #11

    LeoVzla (Friday, 25 September 2015 19:19)

    @chloefan03 your theory scared the hell out of me, but there's no other explanation for why is PJ in the bald's chest /:

  • #12

    pruefan4life (Friday, 25 September 2015 23:03)

    Wow ... as you say @Aaron89, Prue must be THAT big of a threat if all the powerhouses of the Charmed universe have gathered (I'm guessing the tall winged figure behind the sisters is the Judge that we're going to meet in Court of Love?).

  • #13

    LeoVzla (Saturday, 26 September 2015 01:06)

    @pruefan4life I asked Pat and he said it was the judge.

  • #14

    pruefan4life (Saturday, 26 September 2015 01:32)

    ^Ah, thanks for confirming. :)

  • #15

    Aaron_89 (Saturday, 26 September 2015 03:49)

    @pruefan4life exactly, he seems to be the same Angel from Curt of Love.
    I also thought the girl was P.J. and she does not appear from the outset in that bald girl's chest. The theory of @chloefan03 makes sense, more watching her body expression and Phoebe's face. I don't know what the female figure represents, from the first moment her colors reminded me of the physical cosmos, but it is unclear. From the context, I think the judgment is without the presence of Prue, but it is only assumption. If so, this would mean that the female figure is another thing which is part of the judgment like the other beings.

  • #16

    spiros (Saturday, 26 September 2015 16:22)

    Oh my god!!! OK I can't wait I wish an angel of destiny could freeze me like they did with Leo until this issue is released! That old lady there looks like an elder so that means we've got the avatars, the elders, the judge and the Charmed ones along with that weird being! If there is a being that looks like the cosmos that being must be Prue,she is the nexus of the ALL after all :P that girl sure looks like PJ..maybe she is a projection of a memory when she was possesed

  • #17

    Barry (Sunday, 27 September 2015 04:53)

    I didn't know where else to ask this, but does anyone know what that golden armor statue is supposed to be in Issue #4-5 of Season 9?

  • #18

    LeoVzla (Monday, 28 September 2015 15:54)

    @Barry Since they didn't mention anything about it and it's at magic school, I assume is some kind of Magic Armor that a powerful warrior wore in a battle, perhaps an angel? The wings and the sword reminded me of the empyreal sword but I don't think is related to it.

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