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Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I don't know if this has been asked before, but do you have any plans to bring back Neena? She's the most compelling character introduced in season 9 and her arc felt kinda rushed. I was always curious to know what actually made her go against the Elders and the Angels of Destiny. She was around for several centuries without her mate, and suddenly she went nuts. Feels like there's more story to tell there! Awesome job by the way, season 10 kicks ass.

Pat Shand: This is such a well-phrased question, but also one to which I unfortunately have to say: no spoilers! 
I can say that while I do feel Neena had a complete arc, that there will be characters from Season Nine coming into play. Maybe her? Maybe someone else? You’ll see by the end of this year! X

Anonymous asked: Boo can you tell me what kind of magical being is the red long dress winged giant that's behind the Charmed ones? Is that a sort of guardian angel? I just could identify the elders and the avatars whose return makes me feel more excited for upcoming issues so badly that it hurts!!!
Pat Shand: The Judge (he has a name, but until later in the season we only know his job title) is an incredibly old Cupid – maybe the oldest – that acts as a final say in the laws of love. X

Anonymous asked: Pat, cherubs have wing which means that both Kama and Coop once had them. What I meant was, what happened to them? Plus, am I correct in thinking that they cupid hierarchy goes like this (1)Judge (2)Cupid Elder Kama (3)Cupids (4)Cherubs (5)Cupid-witches
Pat Shand: I don’t think Cupid-Witches are in the hierarchy. They’re part of the Cupid species but they aren’t raised the same way as Cupids nor do they have a job that’s synonymous with their species. I’d say you’re right, though. Judges, higher ranking Cupids, Cupids, Cherubs. X

Anonymous asked: Hey Pat, it's not important stuff but will we find out what Patience's original power was and why Prue never had access to it?
Pat Shand: I don’t know if we’ll ever know Patience’s power. But that power would be attached to her soul and her mind rather than her body. X

Anonymous asked: In your interview with charmedcomic you said how can prue know for sure charon stole her soul- prue seemed pretty sure of this fact even when talking to patience- whyd she think this in the first place- and if charon did in fact steal her soul that means patience does still exist somewhere correct? Ps fabulous issue again I LOVE YOU
Pat Shand: Patience certainly still exists somewhere. Prue did seem sure of this, but how could she be entirely convinced there is no way to bring Patience back? Seems a bit too convenient to me, that there’s no way to bring a soul back into a living body that Prue could easily occupy. X

Anonymous asked: if prue can bring bodies back why not her own... Obviously we know the real reason but how is it justified mythology wise

Pat Shand: At the time she chose Patience, she couldn’t have. She was just a specter. As of now, she could, but she obviously isn’t doing it. There is definitely a reason. X


Anonymous asked: i have faith in you! i think you're brilliant - my only other question - obviously when the all switched sides and the power of three went to prue- it didnt hurt the sisters- now it's being ripped away a second time and attempting to be given to prue- why does it hurt now?

Pat Shand: It’s a bit messier than that. Now that she is the Nexus of the All, her power also encompasses the Power of Three. However, the All feels a void within Prue – a void created when she relinquished the power in season nine. The magic of the All is compensating for that by almost magnetically, in a way, sapping the power from the sisters. However, since Prue has no way of controlling this, the All is essentially eating their futures, their power, and the life force of anyone who could potentially inherit the Power of Three in the future. That’s why, in #10, Prue’s presence hurt the kids as well. X


Anonymous asked: in both scenarios the power is being ripped from the sisters and given to prue

Pat Shand: It’s a magical conundrum. Because she is the all, Prue both has the power, but also has the hole where she originally relinquished it. That sort of personified oxymoron that Prue has become is what has the All lashing out. X


Anonymous asked: wait prue has the power of three?! i guys that makes sense since all power stems from the nexus and she is the nexus! MIND BLOWN! Since all power stems from the nexus of the all it's kinda calling it back home so to speak and the power of three is fighting it!

Pat Shand: It’s essentially like, no this is a bit simplified, that Prue is now the “Source” of all magic. The magic that exists within other witches, simultaneously exist within her. It isn’t that she has the Power of Three and the Charmed Ones don’t now – it’s just that her power encompasses it as well, but that glitch in the system referenced in the last few posts is trying to take it to fill that perceived hole within Prue’s essence and “destiny.” X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat :) There's a line in Charmed Season Ten #12: "If she (Prue) had it her way, she'd be back in her boring old body with her boring old powers, and she'd definitely lose those tacky tribal tattoos". So Prue can't "recreate" her old body (like she did with Cole's body) but why? Are there any rules or limits to her powers? Can't she recreate all the bodies she wants? And why didn't she just recreate Benjamin body, instead of put him in his son's body?

Pat Shand: The last question, I’ve given a non-answer a bunch of times. It’s part of the story and a spoiler. The rest is Kyra’s interpretation, but she’s not exclusively saying that Prue wants her own body back. In context, she’s saying that Prue wishes none of this happened at all, that she never died. Her “boring old body” isn’t just her old physical form, it’s her pre-Nexus body. Prue could rebuild her body at this point, but something is keeping her in Patience – and one thing she is definitely unable to get rid of is the Nexus of the All. X


Anonymous asked: I am Charmed Hungry!!! Tease me anything, something tiny, a cover, perhaps just a phrase with no context, so you can cause a new revolution as everything you tease about Charmed, it doesn't have to be a whole panel, or something related to next issue, which I know for sure you've teased enough, but idk, perhaps a final word from an unknown script PLEEEEEEEEAAASEEEEEE *doggie face*

Pat Shand: From my outline of “The Reason”: “In our final scene, Piper returns to (REDACTED). She looks at the broken shards of (REDACTED).” X


Anonymous asked: arent phoebes daughters too young at this point for the third baby to be born... also are we going to see phoebes son since all old demons are coming back

Pat Shand: *SPOILERS – DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ #13*The second arc answered this question already. The future that would’ve been, as seen by us in the finale, doesn’t exist anymore. Prue’s inheritance of the Nexus of the All, for better or worse, erased their destiny. Anything can happen at any point. The Source’s heir could come back through Tyler, sure, but he would be a fetus. He’d be unable to do much of anything, as he couldn’t even control his own powers then and hasn’t grown at all in his death. X


Anonymous asked: what year are we roughly in during the current issue of charmed?

Pat Shand: It’s in comic book time. It’s the only kind of time that’ll work if Charmed is going to continue. I’ve seen people try to say what years in the 2000s this takes place, but if I’m going to make a pop culture reference, I’m not going to be slavish to the idea of Charmed being nailed down to that time. It will automatically date the comic before it’s even released, so trying to think of specific years will never make sense now that it’s off the air and continuing as comics and novels. Just think of it as happening now. X


Anonymous asked: my thing is i always assumed the comics are what happened between the last present day scene in forever charmed and the flast forward... is that flast forward scene technically untouchable canon since it came from the show (the source material.) Seeing as we never see how we got there, i assumed anything could have happened in between (aka the events in the comics aka s9 and s10) but the end result is always what we see in the flashforward.

Pat Shand: No, I’ve already changed the flash forward. There’s only one note CBS ever gave me about that, and it was less about keeping the flash forward in tact and more about leaving the characters in a place that made sense if this was either the last Charmed story OR if there would be more. The note made sense, so I’ll talk about it a bit after #22. X


Pat Shand: We haven’t seen the last of Javna this season. X


Anonymous asked: First of all, the issue was amazing I loved it! So the only one who doesnt has any marriage problems is Piper. She and Leo have going through a lot but now i see them happy. I m worried about Phoebes daughters and the future that we saw. The sisters didnt use their powers for a while , do you prepare us for a big battle? Thank you for your great stories keep going!!!!

Pat Shand: Yeah, with Piper and Leo, they’ve gone through so much that there’s nothing that could really get in the way of their relationship. Their marriage and their happy end feels really earned, and there’s no more to be gained dramatically from if I were to poke that bear. The Piper/Leo arc of the season – the whole “embracing the weird” thing – I think is way more interesting. And hell yeah there’s a big battle coming! X


Anonymous asked: Hi!first i really loved the issue BUT i don't understand how the future can change.What we saw in Forever Charmed wasn't a travel to the future or a premonition,each scene was the actual present? to be honest, i see the whole flashforward as a testimony wanted by Brad Kern and all the charmed staff (including the actresses) so i have to be honest and tell you that for the moment i'm really not excited by the possible changes (Coop's future, Henry and Paige divorce, Prue's responsability) :/

Pat Shand: You’re right, the Forever Charmed scenes weren’t premonitions – that was the actual present as it was supposed to happen then. Until Prue’s power as the Nexus started trying to, er, swallow the Power of Three, that was the future that was going to happen. In those scenes in the second arc, Piper did have a premonition of that future promised to the viewers by Brad Kern.

However, the reason I have for messing around with those is twofold. One, it makes sense with the Prue storyline – something sacred to the fans has been lost, and it gives what Prue’s magic is doing real weight. Two, the happy future we saw essentially removed all of the risk and dramatic tension in the story. As is? No one saw the end of #13 coming. With the future in tact as is, we couldn’t have pulled off that twist, nor many others that are coming up. It was definitely the right call. X


Anonymous asked: Why is it that these higher ups go to move is to always take husbands and fathers away from their wife's and children. Cupids and Whitelighters may not be the same but their elders sure don't act like it. In fact, both their elders seem to fit quite comfortable in the asshole category. I didn't want to call them assholes, but if the shoe fits. Phoebe need to kick some ass.

Pat Shand: That similarity between the Cupids and Elders is addressed next issue. Also, the full motivation behind Coop’s imprisonment in Cupid’s Temple isn’t revealed yet. There’s still a lot to learn. X


Anonymous asked: are we going to see the ancient athame again (please dont let prue get posessed by the old ones and the only way to save the world is to destroy her with the athame!)

Pat Shand: We will definitely see the Athame again. It’s a focal point of the season. X


Anonymous asked: in theory... if someone went back in time and stopped the athame from being created.... would that bring the souls back... if the athame never was made then it could never be used to destroy people right... right ::sad face:: basically do you as the writer know of ANY way to bring back the souls or undo the athames power

Pat Shand: The very reason I created it was to stop the resurrections, which cheapens death. Now, sacrifice actually means something. Your theory about destroying the Athame is cool though. Wouldn’t work, but it’s the best I’ve read. X


Anonymous asked: did you have any inspiration behind Heremus, both for the name and the "bug-creature" design?

Pat Shand: Here’s a sample from the script:

Page Fourteen and Fifteen (Double Page Spread)
DPS. We are behind Prue, who floats in the reddish/black sky, looking down at the CORPSE of a gargantuan OLD ONE.
This is HEREMUS.
It’s a nightmare brought to life – it’s about the size of the largest building you can imagine, but floating in space, it looks like a planet unto itself. We’ll need a design here, but I don’t want to go the Cthulhu route here and make it squid-like. We did that in some ways with Gaxageal – this is nastier, and it – in some ways – will be the Big Bad of our season.
We’ll work through the design, but it looks far more bug-like than the normal humanoid demons that we’ve seen in Charmed.
There is a small hole in its hide where Prue has burst from. This creature is the Wasteland.
Heremus appears very much dead. It is turned on its side, and its completely drained of color. It is rotting in some areas, too, as we don’t want readers to interpret Prue exiting its body as the killing blow.
Prue is dwarfed by Heremus, even though she’s in the foreground. She, at most, appears to be a slender moon compared to the planet that is this creature. X


samuelpino asked: Is Heremus older, mightier and eviler than the Source of All Evil?

Pat Shand: Much, much, much. The Source ain’t shit to an Old One at full power. Heremus as is, even in his weakened state, could channel any demon – the Source included – through Tyler to use as his puppet. X


Anonymous asked: I known the Source was the ruler of the Underworld, Demons and all Evil, but what about the Old Ones? is the Source also an Old One, an entity older than them or something created by them (with i don't like that idea very much) because with the title of The Source of All Evil is logical to think that he is far more ancient than the Old Ones.

Pat Shand: This isn’t mythology that I’ve written, but as you seen in Charmed, the Source of All Evil has been a title, not a single entity at all times. It’s possible that the Source was at one point an Old One or part of an Old One, or maybe that the distant original Source – someone we’ve never heard of – is/was. That would be an interesting angle. Or, maybe the Source rose up as an incredibly powerful demon after the Old Ones lost control of the Earth and became dormant, that would make him the Source of all new evil – a new species of demon emerging. However, that’s just me musing; one thing I decided when I started this season was, no matter what, no Source. On the bright side, because I’ll for sure never tell a story about the Source, I can freely speculate along with the readers. X


samuelpino asked: Is there a connection between Heremus and Cole? Because after the sisters vanquished him the first time and he ended up in the wasteland he started to collect many powers to escape, but then he went insane after that and now that we know about the Old Ones and Heremus i can't stop thinking that both are connected.

Pat Shand: I’ll say this. You aren’t wrong to think that they’re connected, but honestly I don’t think that there’s any way to figure out that connection until you see the full scope of Hermus’s plan. When I was plotting it, the way it all came together was almost scary. X


Anonymous asked: Is good to speculate, but actually in the show and season 9 it was established that the Source wasn't a demon or just a title instead he was a supernatural essence that could possess, reborn and assimilate any demon or mortal that rise to the throne of the Underwold. My problem with the Source is that originally he was a good villain and the personification of evil, but them he became a mess and after watching Lucifer in Supernatural and the First in Buffy i was very disappointed with him.

Pat Shand: The idea of a supernatural entity that goes from one creature to the next is kind of like a title to me… because we’ve seen that the Source possessing someone doesn’t erase all of their personality traits, so it isn’t just a parasite. It seems to be a power, perhaps an influential one, but not a sentient entity. It’s worth debating for sure. But yeah, the Source isn’t a great villain because of the amount of times he comes back and is defeated. That works for a Voldemort-level villain, but for a being like the Source, his multiple defeats sort of deflated him. He works better as an idea than a character. The best Charmed villains are the ones with personal stakes – Gideon, Cole/Belthazor come to mind. I hope to pull off something similar with Heremus. You’ll see how in the coming months. X


Anonymous asked: Do you consider Phoebe's zappy hands a separate power, or just a part of her empathy?

Pat Shand: We’re talking the power where she feeds someone’s emotions back to them, essentially weaponizing their feelings, right? That’s part of her empathy… Kind of ironic considering. We have some of that coming up in the comics. X


Pat Shand: The more I rewatched Charmed, the more I like Zankou. I wasn't that big on him as a villain the first couple of times through. His casual, normalization of evil is interesting, though. I think there's a depth there that I might've missed at first. X X


CharmedComicFan: Do you know when Volume 2 will be released? Amazon is now listing it for March.

Pat Shand: March is correct X


Elisa Feliz: This article was published by a national newspaper here, “Periodico Hoy” yesterday and it talks about my work on Charmed, barely, but it mentions something. It can also be read online here:  X

A translation can be found here.

Below are a couple of script excerpts Pat shared on Tumblr:

From SequentialTart's interview with Pat Shand:

Who would you love to have as a guest star in Charmed that hasn't been in it before and why?
Pat Shand: Someone played by Nathan Fillion. Even if it's as a comic, I'd love to write for his voice. There's no one like him. X