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In a Tumblr post, Pat Shand broke down how the rest of the season will be structured and released:


Pat Shand:

  • Okay, I think this will make some people happy and some people sad and/or pissed off. But I’ll break it down for you. I took the long drive down to the Zenescope office yesterday to talk about Charmed (among other things) so I could get you all a full answer on the status of Season Ten. Charmed: Season Ten is going to end at issue #20. That, however, doesn’t mean that we’re losing the content of issues #21 or #22, and it doesn’t mean that the series is going to be incomplete. A while back, after the script for #18 was complete, I had to stop production on the series because of the sudden hiatus. Issues #19 and #20 (and, then #21 and #22) were plotted but not written. Yesterday, at the office, I was told to finish the series at issue #20. Because I want to get as much out of this season as possible, and because I want you all to get as much out of this season as possible, I asked for more. I knew I wouldn’t another issue, but I was hoping that I could get more pages in #20. And my request was granted. So here is the shape of the rest of the season:
    Tribunal and Tribulations
    This is unaffected by the hiatus and will come out next Wednesday. For the first time since probably the first issue, I was able to get my copy from the office yesterday. It looks terrific.
    Something Old, Something Prue

    This is the first affected by the delay, but it won’t be too bad. I’m scripting now (right after I finish this post – I TOLD YOU I’d tell you all as soon as I knew!) and the plan is to get Elisa and Valentina right back on it. This will be a regular sized issue at $3.99. It will be released in June – so the hiatus is just bumping this one a month.
    The Reason
    This will be a $4.99 oversized issue. It will be released the first week of August. The way it shakes out is that, starting with #18, we’re basically getting an issue every other month until the series wraps. The only reason we couldn’t get this out in July is because of Diamond Solicits – with Charmed #19, which was solicited for May, putting it out a month late doesn’t impact pre-orders and we can skirt by without having to resolicit that issue, which would be a nightmare and would make you guys have to wait longer, which I don’t want. With Charmed #20, however, since Zenescope had to put out their July Diamond solicitations before the hiatus issue was resolved, the issue has to be solicited in the next available month – hence, August. This also gives us time to accommodate Elisa and Valentina for the longer length of the issue. It’s not a true double issue like Robyn Hood did where it was 42 pages at double the price, but it’s enough extra pages that I got to end the series the exact same way I planned from jump.
    Now, I’m anticipating questions here:
    Does this change the story you set out to tell?
    Not really, no. I condensed a few scenes and switched a few locations to streamline the climax. Essentially, #19 - 22 were going to be one long and grueling climax. Don’t get me wrong, there was a LOT of character exploration, but the reason it was a quick fix for me to change that outline into two issues rather than four is because of the nature of the story. You’ll see once it all shakes out, and probably actually after you read #18. There was also more of the characters getting split up in the original outline. Now… well, you’ll see.
    How will this change the trade paperbacks?
    First off, Zenescope is back to printing trades, I was told. I proofed their trade for Van Helsing vs. Dracula, which is printing this week, and I’m seeing the Charmed: Season Ten trades back on the schedule. Obviously, the prospective Volume Four would now have issues #18 - 20, which isn’t fair for the price they have to charge, so I pitched this change and it was approved:
    Charmed: Season Ten Volume Two will have #7 - 12, just as it was solicited.
    Charmed: Season Ten Volume Three will be a big fat book with #13 - 20, and that will be re-solicited.
    Does this impact the possibility of a Season Eleven?
    Nope. Not in the slightest way. The truth is, Season Eleven was never going to happen at Zenescope. It’s just not feasible. However, it’s possible that it would happen elsewhere and, if that does go down, CBS and I have already expressed interest in continuing to work with each other there. I have literally no news, and this is the kind of thing that takes time. But Charmed fans have been made to wait before. More than once. We’re a resilient sort, huh?
    And that’s just about all I’ve got. I’m sure there will be more questions. I’m sure there will be nice messages, and probably also a lot of vitriol. But hey – this is the situation I was given, and I’m gonna make it work. I hope you all like how I end the season. I’m already excited for what’s next. X



Charmed Season 10 #18 is available now:



While the Charmed Ones are scrambling to figure out an answer to their new problem, Prue has a dramatic meeting with the Tribunal regarding an incident with Tyler. The thing masquerading as Knox makes his intentions regarding the Advent of the Old Ones clear, leaving an old ally of the Charmed Ones wondering what he can do to help them in the eleventh hour.


Pat Shand:

  • CHARMED: SEASON TEN #18 is out today. This issue is titled “Tribunal and Tribulations.” Two to go… #NCBD

The discussion/spoilers page is open.



Anonymous asked: You're a great writer and a very nice person. Thanks for what you're doing for us Charmed fans! I totally trust you. I have a question. If CBS gives the ok for Season 11, it will be in comic form (on another comic campaign) or in novel form?

Pat Shand: Hi! Thank you very much. You’re super nice yourself! And I’m not sure about the answer to be honest, but I will say that when I refer to “Season Eleven” here, I’m talking about the possibility of more Charmed comics. With the novels, I wouldn’t want to tell a “season” type story, because I think it’s important for those to stand alone as their own entities. That said, I have only written two of the novels for Joe Books/HarperCollins and I’m not sure if there is a demand for more. With those, I’m not involved in editorial, so I just wait for them to tell me that it’s time for the next novel and then I go write! X


Anonymous asked: Since season 10 has to be condensed... and you said there was a ton of character development and exploration- is that taking a hit too and there will be less or is that untouched and staying the same

Pat: I wouldn’t say untouched but it’s basically the same. The structural difference is that characters were going to spread out for a longer time. They get to their final location with less back-and-forth now. All of the major character beats are still there. X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! I loved Charmed: Season Ten #18.. Your plan for this final arc was surely GREAT! I hope that it will be awesome even with 2 issue less. I have some questions. SPOILER 1) Are Prue and Heremus melted in a new being? 2) Amelia seems very interesting. I know that she's a novel character but we'll learn something about her first interaction with Charmed Ones? 3) We'll see SPOILER Andy again, or from this issue we'll listen him just thought Amelia's voice?

Pat: Hi! I’m glad you liked it. 

1) You’ll find out next issue.

2) Yeah! There are HUGE details you won’t know, because Amelia is a super secondary character in this season and I don’t want to distract from the leads, but we’ll learn a little about who she is to them and why she’s there.

3) Yeah, he’s in every issue for the rest of the season. X


Anonymous asked: Hi Pat! What made you decide to bring SPOILER Andy back? If I remember correctly couple month ago you said there is no plan for him in this season. Don't get me wrong I'm happy you changed your mind, I missed him on the show. He was a huge part of their eary life, but after he died they didnt mentioned him very often.

Pat: It wasn’t always the plan to bring him back, but the possibility was in the back of my mine. Since he’s also definitely a ghost, I also got away with the fib – he’s not back, and he’s not really in any different state than he’s been since his death. It’s just that now, thanks to Amelia’s power and the horrific situation with Prue, we can see him.

Andy also works very well with the theme of the season. Valen spelled it out in the first issue, in his speech about the Ancient Athame. #5 was basically a thesis on why death matters, why letting things end matters, and why stretching things out does a disservice to the thing itself. I think that the lack of any sort of resurrection of appearances from Andy until now speaks to how important his (temporary) return is for the last two issues. X


Anonymous asked: I like the conflict between Phoebe and Prue. Season 1 starts with these two girls in fight and now, here we are again! But in a more serious way. Also, in Phoebe words (when she said the she's ready to vanquish Prue if it's necessary) I found another reference to Season 2 (the episode about the Four Horsemen), when the sisters learned that their job (saving innocents) is more important than save each other. Funny that Paige seems to be the only sister to believe in Prue. We'll understand why?

Pat: Paige’s hope for Prue is going to be an undercurrent through these issues rather than a reveal. I want readers to ask themselves why. X


Pat: Writing CHARMED #19 now. So close to the finish line. X And I want to warn you all... The end of #19 is completely mean. The wait will be excruciating. X

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Comments: 17
  • #1

    Alexis (Sunday, 17 April 2016 07:45)

    Hate a issue cut. Charmed is better off moving to dank horse they treat buffy much better.

    Im still concerned Prue will die. I hope she survives the reason.

  • #2

    Seth (Sunday, 17 April 2016)

    Prue/Paige im excited for more together.

    I hope we dont get a predictable Prue death and Andy being there to take her to the afterlife.

  • #3

    Coby (Sunday, 17 April 2016 14:35)

    Yeah the theme all season that death matters. Im on the fence with Prue dying but it is so expected the only shock is she doesnt die.

  • #4

    Helena (Sunday, 17 April 2016 17:19)

    Wow ANDY is back!!!! Paige gets to meet him. Prue and Andy reunited yay.

    Seems everyone thinks just because Andy is back that its a sign Prue will die in 2 issues. Why do you all think that.

  • #5

    Jak (Sunday, 17 April 2016 18:21)

    To be honest, I didn't think Prue was going to die. But now I kinda think she will. I just have the feeling that she'll realise that her time has passed and that she can move on and be happy with her family and Andy, and still come back and see her sisters like Patty and Penny when needs be.

  • #6

    v-girl (Sunday, 17 April 2016 18:33)

    I'm not sure why people are so against Prue moving on. I mean, this is Charmed we're talking about, that'd hardly mean she's gone forever.
    She's been unable to accept her own death, constantly fighting against it and look what all of that has led to. If she finds acceptance and reunites with Andy, I think that'd be a great conclusion for her. And again, she can still see her sisters- it's not as if death ever kept Grams away for too long. At least she could visit them without their heads exploding.

  • #7

    Gc (Sunday, 17 April 2016 20:30)

    Prue's fatal flaw is not being able to let go. She didnt let go when her mother died. She didn't let her love for Andy go. She died putting herself in danger because she couldn't let go of her desire to protect innocents, and protect her sisters. She inhabited Patience because she couldn't let go of life. This conflict with Phoebe is Prue not letting go of her anger. She and Cole talked about it a long time ago when Cole was stuck in the in between. This is setting up to be that the only one who can stop Prue is Prue and that involves Prue letting go. I still think she's gonna have to stab herself with the Athame. And what happens after that is what Pat has us guessing at. Will it kill Heremus and spare Prue, will it destroy Prue completely, or will Prue be freed...from Patience, from the Nexus, from herself. We'll find out. ;)

  • #8

    Cassandra (Monday, 18 April 2016 14:36)

    Boring that is predictable if Prue dies. Like ae didnt already guess it. Why put her through hell for 2 seasons just to kill her again.

    Killing off one of the husbands now thats a bold move and one Id say would shake things up. Henry and Coop can die. The future only showed Piper and Leo old.

    But yeah Prue dying boring. Come up with something new.

  • #9

    v-girl (Monday, 18 April 2016 20:40)

    Like Pat said, he's not writing this to shock people at every turn like some huge puzzle to solve. People are predicting that Prue will die and move on because it seems like a pretty natural trajectory for the character. Maybe she won't, but if she did I think it'd be a fitting end.

    As for the "why bring her back?" bit, I saw a lot of comments like that when Cole died and I completely disagree with the sentiment of it. If Prue found acceptance and was able to be at peace, happy and healthy; in no way would that be a pointless thing to do with the character. Gc said it very well above- this could be huge character stuff for her and it isn't all nullified just because death might be at the end.

    It's like when Cole died. Cole had fantastic development and a hero's ending, but because people weren't happy with it, lots of people were screaming "Why bring him back?" and "What was the point?" As if a character has to live forever for anything done with them to be meaningful!

    Cassandra, you say killing one of the husbands would be better, but why is that exactly? You could make an argument for that being predictable since as you say, they weren't shown far in the future in 8x22. I could also say that Coop being killed is predictable, because Phoebe losing her lovers has happened countless times. I personally wouldn't make these arguments just so long as it was an entertaining story- but my point is: predictable and pointless are not the same thing.

  • #10

    pruefan4life (Tuesday, 19 April 2016 00:43)

    ^Well said v-girl. Why do we keep watching Shakespeare's plays, and their countless adaptations, when we know how they're going to end? Because their real beauty lies in the way the stories unfold.

  • #11

    Charmed_fan92 (Wednesday, 20 April 2016 20:39)

    I think that the whole meaning of Prues story is the meaning of life and death...Prue didn't let her self move on and she took over Patiences body but we saw that this didn't end well...Prue couldn't accept that her life ended!! She had a second chance and maybe this whole journey was the only way for her to undestand that her life will end at some point and that she will have to accept it!! She had the chance to spend time with her sisters, meet the kids, help innocents and get hold of the nexus of all and be the most powerfull being!! Even if she won't die she will have the chance to be happy with her sisters...I'm sure that we will have two amazing issues and a very fitting end for this story!!!

  • #12

    Aaron_89 (Wednesday, 20 April 2016 21:33)

    If the original ending is not affected, perfect. Sometimes less is more and if condensing the final two issues seems organic and takes to the thought final, this shouldn't be a problem. A shame that there is not season 11 in principle, but the comics is not the only way to continue the story. I hope that somehow there will be Charmed for a while. I don't really know what is expected and what is not, I think about Prue from the show and the present Prue and I see it's difficult to regain that status. What I would want to see is how they forge new links from now and a natural integration of Prue as a sister. Not the dead, resurrected, abandoned, distant or strange Prue (although Prue always will be Prue) but as a sister like she once was. I think healing the past and leave it behind is an urgent matter that needs to be resolved especially with what happened recently and the next step is to move forward in their interrelations. I wish for them a new cycle that begins after that. Prue is a survivor, every time I hear the song alive by Sia I can't help but think about her so I don't desire a death for Prue after the hard way she has fought. But on the other hand, it may be that the time when Prue can find peace is the time she stop fighting and accept the last barrier or fear and thus, the pending subject that fans had with her journey ends, knowing how her character ends and we stay comfortable with that. However, until outstanding issues are not resolved between them, I think Prue's soul couldn't continue in peace but perhaps all this can be resolved by the end of the season. Prue has certainly given salt and pepper to the theme, I bet for her to continue living and somehow the story continue to the next level. And I hope that everyone involved in the comic can continue to develop everything that could be yet to come.

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