In a shocking, unexpected announcement, Dynamite Comics announced that they will be publishing a Charmed comic book title in 2017. And that is all we know so far. Newsarama's post mentions that Dynamite said more details, including a creative team, will be announced later this year. (Btw, Charmed already has a writer. Let's tweet at @Dynamitecomics that @PatShand should be the writer again).




Mighty Mouse and Charmed to Return in All-New Comic Book Series for 2017

October 4, 2016, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment and CBS Consumer Products announced today a new license agreement for two classic properties from the rich history of television: the animated legend Mighty Mouse, and the hit 90’s series Charmed!

Mighty Mouse returns to comics for the first time in 30 years, just in time for the character’s 75th anniversary in 2017! Mighty Mouse was first conceived in 1942 as a parody of another cape and cowl hero introduced a few years earlier, and went on to star in countless animated films for the better part of the next 20 years, finding a new life on Saturday mornings in the 1960’s.

“Mighty Mouse is as much a part of American pop culture as the two characters he is inspired by,” says Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and publisher. “The original comics and animation entertained generations of fans, and with the popularity of superhero movies, there couldn’t be a better time for his return! I am thrilled that Dynamite will be able to bring this timeless hero to a whole new generation of fans.”

Charmed premiered critical acclaim and commercial success, and by the end of its eight-season run, had won numerous awards and aired in more than 20 countries. Charmed follows the Halliwell sisters: three witches, each powerful in her own right, but invincible when they come together to summon The Power of Three. Protecting innocents from the underworld’s demons, the Halliwell sisters battle evil from their family home in San Francisco.

“Charmed is a perfect fit for Dynamite for a number of reasons,” says Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barrucci. “We have had tremendous success with cult television properties, and the Halliwell sisters will be right at home. Our plans for these new series are sure to please comics readers and die-hard TV junkies alike!”

Details on Dynamite’s upcoming Mighty Mouse and Charmed publishing programs will be released in the coming months.

Sources: CBR / BleedingCool / Newsarama


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    cyma (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 12:24)

    @TomTom: I actually love the sisters more than their kids and will always will :-) If there's money for a separate comic spin-off about Halliwell kids, then I'm all for it. Otherwise, I want the sisters to always be the main focus.

    I'm okay with the filler issues in season 9 which were somewhat focused on the kids: Melinda inheriting whitelighter powers suddenly, Wyatt doing a spell so he could spend time with a busy Piper or Tamora powers being bound because she set fire to their home. Instead of powers, I really like to see some character development for these kids too.

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    Aaron_89 (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 02:36)

    @Leah, I've thought about it many times. In parallel realities constructed of other possibilities must be other alternatives stories. It would be very interesting to look at some of them all. At least we know that in one of them (among many) there is a Prue who never died that can enter to the reality of this timeline that we follow with all her personality and we could know how the story continued with her. She can still return of one form or another. Another story that I would love to see is about the life of Penny because she lived different times of many contrasts (war, spy/infiltration, political and social changes...) and it would be interesting how her experience forged the witch who later she was. I agree with you that everything seems already very predictable and monotonous. With such a solid structure in the family it seems difficult to find freshness in reading. That's what I hope most, read something new and original to keep me hooked throughout the season.

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    TomTom (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 01:06)

    Naw, I like the sisters too much to relinquish them... Don't get me wrong: if the kids would play a more important role it wouldn't be a problem to me. I really like Wyatts spell experiment in season nine's "Piper's Place". One of my favourite comic episodes.
    But I don't want a comic, that has the next generation in their teens or twens as leading characters... Like "Charmed Sons" a lot of fans screamed for...

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    cyma (Monday, 10 October 2016 22:53)

    @TomTom: I'm totally okay with stories about the sisters and next generation. But next generation of Halliwells, not other unknown witches.

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    TomTom (Monday, 10 October 2016 20:07)

    My only wish: keep the sisters! I don't want a season about the next generation...

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    LeoVzla (Monday, 10 October 2016 20:01)

    Well, there's nothing we can do but to wait, I would definitely love Pat to keep writing this story because I really loved his work on season 10 (though I respect those who hate it, we all have our thoughts), and well if he won't be S11 writer, all I wish is they take the series where season 10 left off because a part of the fandom has fallen for this comic (highlighting the fact that I don't do comics but Charmed is a different story) and it be difficult to adapt to another storyline different from what we've been reading since 2010.

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    lich (Sunday, 09 October 2016 18:44)

    Well, Pat said, if he got to write season 11, it would be lighter than season 10 and also I think he mentioned episodic format. Basically I think he said it would be something, what happens, if all the magical powers that were in the new tribunal disappear and what it means for the magical world. He mentioned something like that and that would be interesting to explore, from my point of view.

  • #38

    Dantalian (Sunday, 09 October 2016 14:13)

    Ding Ding. Next round, Pat! <3
    But kick Ben, Kyra, Tyler and Co. out. xD
    And I really need more episodic stories and some fun between a dark plot...

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    joseph (Sunday, 09 October 2016 01:57)

    I hope they either get the rights to the likeness of Shannen Doherty or abandon Prue's character altogether. Season 10 was good closure for her character.

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    Anne (Saturday, 08 October 2016 11:27)

    Gosh everytime I come into the comments. Always fighting over one person's opinion over the other. Charmed fandom is just the same as many others.

    Let's all try and be friendly.

    Again we have no idea what these comics will be like. Let's just wait and see, before having a go at eachother for what we hope they will be.

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    Ryan (Saturday, 08 October 2016 11:23)


    No need to be harsh. We are all allowed an opinion. If you loved season 10 that's fine. But don't blast others who do not agree with your opinion.

    Let's try and be all kind. Everyone is allowed to like or dislike what they wish, as long as everyone is civil. Nobody is hating on anyone. If someone is upset with the direction season 9 or 10 comics took - so be it. I am sure their are season's others like that you dislike.

    Let's just play nice okay.

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    Leah (Saturday, 08 October 2016 11:19)

    Now that is the series I want an alternate one. What if Patty never died, what if Prue never died. Those stories. Why I feel a season 11 is going to be boring. We had a pre-planned ending in Forever Charmed. The thrill and excitement is gone. Because none of the sisters or their husbands will die and yet they kill off Cole and Prue whom already died and came back.

    We have gotten to the point - I would just be happy with a next generations story and the sisters are not the main ones.

    Now I know people on here will blast me and start having a go at me. I am allowed an opinion - but the rudeness of some people rubs me the wrong way. We are all fans here.

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    Aaron_89 (Saturday, 08 October 2016 02:58)

    Glad to read that there will be a season 11. A number that I really like and with great potential. As I read up there, I hope there is a cooperation of writers to have different perspectives on the story to be developed in the new season. Of course, I hope that this remains dark but also with light and hope in the middle of it (deeping in their human side and relationships). I also hope that they deepen in their powers, not so much to receive new ones but to delve into their development and evolution, especially in Phoebe. And nothing else, give the congratulations and I hope that those who write this new story are aware of the opportunity they have, the faith that fans repose in their hands and I hope they seize it to make this season a blast.

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    Pruesthebest (Friday, 07 October 2016 22:26)

    I actually enjoyed season 10 but what I have enjoyed about it the most, we got to see the relationship between all four sisters. It was very nostalgic and while I'm not really a Paige fan, I was shocked at the events that occurred. I feel a bit sorry for her too! It seems like ALL of her sisters have picked on her in one way or another. It's very unfair... But that's what is like to continue to see, the development of the four sisters...

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    cyma (Friday, 07 October 2016 12:40)

    It's mostly the focus on secondary characters and killing of two main favorite(not to mention interesting)characters and in their place are now two secondary characters (Ben and Kyra) is mostly what's the problem with season 10.

    Season 9 having weird flying demons was an issue, I agree. But that issue is as tiny as an insect annoying someone compared to killing off Cole and Prue. That's like a meteorite hitting and destroying Earth level issue. Even if season 10 is dark and emotional which led to best Charmed stories on the show, this problem of epic proportion will unfortunately overshadow the good things.

    But still yes there's no need for us to be rude and call Pat or other fans' names. It's not worst as killing people but it's still very wrong.

    What would be more constructive to take out our anger and disappointment would be to describe all the problems, likes and dislikes with season 10 or 9 so that future writers and CBS are aware of what worked and what didn't work and plan accordingly.

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    cyma (Friday, 07 October 2016 11:38)

    I mostly want alternate version of stories and episodes. Like what if Patty was alive. Or Paige was never given up. Or Prue was never killed by Shax. We don't know the outcome of those stories now do we?

    As for stories being set in canon, there are many things to explore there too. I certainly would like to know about evil future Wyatt. Yeah sure Gideon was responsible, but what happened? How did Wyatt snap and decide to expose magic and rule? Did he kill the Charmed Ones? Where were his cousins? Where was Leo? What the hell happened? There are so many questions which need answers in canon also.

    I want to say move forward with season 11, but with Prue dead, Cole permanently soul dead, it feels like we're right back to where we started. I just can't find myself excited by the idea of Ben and Kyra running Knox Academy. Cole's quest for redemption and Prue adjusting to her new role as the Guardian of Nexus or even the Nexus as Cole helped her still sounds a million times more appealing.

    Atleast with stories about alternate versions of seasons and episodes, we don't have to wish if this person didn't die or this didn't happen.

    I was wondering if we could indeed have two writers. If issue is supposed to be an emotional one, use the writer who can write character and emotion focused stories well. If plot is the highlight, then use writer who could write great plots. If it calls for both, then work together. Both of them hopefully strictly keep in mind the rule of less(even less than less) focus on secondary characters and no focus at all on romance of secondary characters.

  • #29

    Miia (Friday, 07 October 2016 11:36)

    To be honest: the best stories of Charmed are the darker stories! Season one to three were dark in their whole atmosphere. Season 4 was the darkest of them all. Even season 7 gets darker with the time. And hell yeah, the hated season 8 was dark too (especially at the end) and truly got back to the roots (but poorly most of the fans didn't (want to) see that).
    So I think it can't be a problem, if the comics get dark too.

    What I don't like about season 9 is the fact that nothing of the plot could have shown this way on the TV series. It's nice to see all the flying saurianlike demons or the big purple dome and so on. But it would have been impossible for the show to realize it
    on TV. And in my opinion, the comics have to orientate themself on the possibilities of the source marerial. That was waaaay better in season 10. It looks more like Charmed.
    But I think most of the fans think in another way and want to see things, the show could have shown if they've had money for it. For me I want something that looks like Charmed and not Charmed2.0.

    What I don't like about season 10 are the plenty secondary characters. Unnecessary.

    I think it would be turn in perfection, if the talents of both writers would be mixed. Both are great!

    And your rudeness against Pat is shameful. In the past you demonize Brad Kern, now you demonize Pat. Maybe some “fans“ should turn away from Charmed. Would be better for all of us.
    Instead of beeeing happy to have 10 wonderful seasons with these amazing characters you just criticize and whine. That's exhausting.

    Looking forward to season 11. :)

  • #28

    CharmedAgain4 (Friday, 07 October 2016 09:27)

    Honestly, I understand everyone's different opinions but we shouldn't be rude to each other. We all have solid reasons for Pat to exit or return. I can admit S10 was darker, but th characters were pretty much ruined for me. Killing off Prue and Cole once again just sealed the deal. But Pat was dead on with the emotional part of the season while Paul Ruditis did well as far as plot development and good scenes and storylines in S9. Is it possible there can be two Writer's? I'd settle for that tbh. But I'd not, bring back Paul or just get a new writer

  • #27

    charmedboi (Friday, 07 October 2016 05:43)

    idk why people want stories set in the series... you all know whats gunna happen then... it's cool to do when a series is still gong on (like they do on tv shows) but this being the main engine to drive the story forward at the moment, why would u want that? also- pat's writing was spot on with season 10- ya'll don't know what you're talking about

  • #26

    Sophie (Friday, 07 October 2016 05:29)

    I admit I hated the writing in season 10 and much prefer Paul's writing in season 9. But I think I would prefer a new writer to write these new comics.

    I do hope for something really new and not just a season 11. I would be open to stories set during the series like other's have suggested or a reboot.

  • #25

    Frankie (Thursday, 06 October 2016 23:47)

    Why has no one thought of using the whole genie wish as a way to bring Prue back? Remember when the girls wish on a genie, they're are consequences to the wish. Why can't they just say that Phoebes wish to bring Prue back backfired and killed her a year later. That whole Prue is supposed to die is BS. She died cause shannen left the show for whatever stupid reason.

  • #24

    TomTom (Thursday, 06 October 2016 22:49)

    Charmed season 11. Heaveeeen! <3

    I hereby apply for writing the plot of the new season. :D I've stuff for 20-22 episodes in my own created "Charmed"-book... xD Maintheme: doors. ;)

    Hope they'll find a great writer. And hire Eliza!!

  • #23

    lich (Thursday, 06 October 2016 22:49)

    I think Pat gave Prue the closure she deserved since she died. And if you don't like it, be at least polite. It's the least you can do and I hihgly doubt, that anyone here could write something as good as were both season 10 a 9.

  • #22

    Frankie (Thursday, 06 October 2016 21:19)

    Dear, Scott21 fuck you

  • #21

    Scott21 (Thursday, 06 October 2016 20:25)

    Dear Frankie, you are the perfect example of a human garbage

  • #20

    Frankie (Thursday, 06 October 2016 19:38)

    Nobody want that fast ass ginger Pat to write anything else concerning Charmed. His time came and gone. No thank you

  • #19

    jwatson (Thursday, 06 October 2016 18:56)

    While i like comic i am honestly hoping for a new writer and something happens that the story picks up after season 3. For me, personally, that's the sweet spot where the show moved a tad from it's original inception but i still loved the later seasons.

    Dynamite has a really good rep for licensed material and though sometimes if sales aren't good a book might get cancelled they always relaunch until they get it right. Red Sonja, Xena, etc. I think charmed is a much more popular property and will fair well. Most importantly they are bigger than zenescope and haver access to some of the top names in comics so that can only help.

  • #18

    Prueisthebest (Thursday, 06 October 2016 18:38)

    I have an idea, how about they not get a likeness for any of the characters and just bring all the damn girls back! Who cares about the likeness, it's the story that counts!

  • #17

    fxrocks (Thursday, 06 October 2016 17:31)

    Dear Dynamitecomics,
    please make sure to get the right for Shannen's likeness lol.
    Other than that, it's great news. Cannot wait.

  • #16

    Philip (Thursday, 06 October 2016 17:26)

    I didn't like Season 9 nor 10. But I did like 10 more than 9. To be honest I d like someone new to try and who knows maybe we ll be surprised

    P.S I hated season 8 and the ending... Why all 3 of the sisters had to have so many children so fast and "soon" in the timeline is beyond me...

  • #15

    charmedboi (Thursday, 06 October 2016 15:30)

    are you'll kidding- Pat was incredible, he gave us season 10 aka one of the best seasons ever! also- why do you all want untold stories- they have that in novels... i want the story to continue... season 11!

  • #14

    Jak (Thursday, 06 October 2016 13:06)

    Come on, guys. Even if you didn't like Season 10, at least be polite. If you don't like Pat's writing for it, fine. But there's no need to be this rude about it.

  • #13

    Mark (Thursday, 06 October 2016 11:52)

    As long as Pat doesn't touch it - I am in.

  • #12

    Jean (Thursday, 06 October 2016)

    Hoping its different and does untold stories in the series.

    Since the xena comics are an alternate season 6 version. Maybe Charmed can do it like that with season 4 or 5 etc.

  • #11

    cyma (Thursday, 06 October 2016 10:52)

    Had no idea Dynamite has Game of Thrones and Xena comics too! Wonder how they'll approach Charmed comics. Would it be season 11? Or untold stories between season 1-8? They also appear to do alternate timeline stories and crossovers so really very curious if we'll get stories about the Morality Bites and Chris-Crossed future. And ofcourse....what if Prue never died future or Paige grew up with the sisters future :-)

    As for whether it should be Paul Ruditis or Pat Shand, I feel like Paul's main strength was plot execution and his ability to handle multiple characters while still focusing on the main characters. Pat's strength was the deep emotional character scenes which I felt were missing in season 9 but I didn't like all the focus on the secondary characters.

    So if there's a writer who can wield both these writers' strengths, she or he should be the next Charmed comic writer.

  • #10

    Scott21 (Thursday, 06 October 2016 07:24)

    Without Pat I dont care about it. Yes maybe season 10 was darker than 9 but do you guys remember original charmed from season 3-4? Season 5-6 was a cartoon version of Charmed and dont let me start about season 8... Pat brought Charmer back to life

  • #9

    CharmedAgain4 (Thursday, 06 October 2016 05:01)

    @Atlan Wow...if they cancel it, hopefully CBS will revive it again. But I think it depends on the creative team, am I right?

  • #8

    Barron (Thursday, 06 October 2016 04:59)

    The people who do not like Pat Shand's writing, we need to tweet DynamiteComics and make sure we express that we don't want Pat as writer in the Charmed Comics again. I just think that another writer would be better. Pat's season 10 was disgusting to me, but not as disgusting as season 8.

  • #7

    Atlan (Thursday, 06 October 2016 04:57)

    Good news more comics
    Bad News Dynamite cancels stuff faster than Zenoscope in my experience.

  • #6

    CharmedAgain4 (Thursday, 06 October 2016 04:51)

    No!!! Not to be rude, but I didn't like Pat's writing. He shouldn't be the writer for the comics anymore. He did a terrible job. Sorry.

  • #5

    Atiba (Thursday, 06 October 2016 03:04)

    Hopefully the sisters get new powers next season especially piper

  • #4

    Jak (Thursday, 06 October 2016 01:06)

    To be honest, I'm kind of hoping for something like the Doctor Who comics or early tie-in Buffy ones. Stand-alone stories and individual comics rather than a continuation. Just like different stories set during the series.

  • #3

    Charmedfanforever (Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:49)

    No Paul Ruditis is more experienced about the charmed universe and he's a better writer for charmed n more qualified than Pat. And it would be best if we let a new creative team who's more passionate about the show to write it than Pat who focused way too much on Prue the whole 10th season. Instead of writing fun stories like in Season 9. Not that season 10 sucked but Season 9 was much better.

  • #2

    joseph (Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:47)

    I hope it's a lot different from seasons 9 and 10. In fact, it honestly shouldn't even be a continuation. I think season 10 was a good note to end on.
    A spin-off or a prequel would be more intriguing at this point.

  • #1

    Tima (Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:09)

    I'm so excited hopefully Charmed will get the care it deserves under this comic book agency.

    I'm personally not familiar with comic agencies so can anyone speak on how they handle their other show to comic series?